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Bill List: Introduced 11-30-2017
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  • HB 43 Firearms; reporting when lost or stolen.
  • HB 44 High school family life education curricula; law and meaning of consent.
  • HB 45 Family life education curricula; personal privacy and personal boundaries.
  • HB 46 Tuition, in-state; certain residents of United States territories.
  • HB 47 Payday Lending Prohibition Act; penalties.
  • HB 48 Charitable solicitations; registration statement.
  • HB 49 Health benefit plans; sale by authorized foreign health insurers.
  • HB 50 School meal policies; each local school board required to adopt policies.
  • SB 59 Criminal Justice Services, Department of; training standards, community engaged policing.
  • SB 60 Tuition Assistance Grant Program; eligible institutions.
  • SB 61 Alcoholic beverage control; creates confectionery license.
  • SB 62 Security freezes; elimination of fees.
  • SB 63 Firearms; control of possession, etc., by localities at lawful demonstrations and protests.
  • SB 64 Custody and visitation decisions; communication to parties required in writing.
  • SB 65 Presidential candidates; federal tax returns & state income tax returns required for ballot access.
  • SB 66 Assault and battery against a family member; child witness as a sentencing consideration.
  • SB 67 Intake process, etc.; statements made by child to an intake officer or probation officer.
  • SB 68 Strip searches; authorized search of certain misdemeanants, etc.
  • SB 69 Transient occupancy tax; sunset provision for Arlington County's authority to impose.
  • SB 70 Custody and visitation; rights of parents with a disability.