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Offered January 16, 2018
A BILL to amend and reenact 2 and 3, as amended, of Chapter 107 of the Acts of Assembly of 1901, which provided a charter for the Town of Jonesville in Lee County, relating to town council.
Patron-- Kilgore
Referred to Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That 2 and 3, as amended, of Chapter 107 of the Acts of Assembly of 1901 is amended and reenacted as follows:

2. The Beginning July 1, 2018, the government of said town shall be vested in a mayor and seven five councilmen, and beginning in 2018 the elections under this charter for mayor and councilmen shall be held on the first Tuesday in May of every even-numbered year and every four years thereafter, and those persons so elected shall qualify and enter upon the duties of their respective offices on the first day of July following their election. Any person registered to vote in the town shall be entitled to vote in elections under this act of incorporation. All officers of said town shall take the oath of office before an officer authorized to administer oaths, and should any of the officers who may be elected, refuse or fail to accept and qualify then it shall be the duty of a majority of such town council as may accept and qualify, to fill such vacancy or vacancies and any vacancy or vacancies thereafter occurring by appointment. The council shall designate the time of its meetings.

3. The mayor and the councilmen shall constitute the council of said town, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum to do business, and all the corporate powers of said town shall be exercised by said council or under its authority, except when otherwise provided by law. The mayor shall be president of the council, and shall have all the rights, powers and privileges such office confers under the general laws governing towns within this State, but the mayor shall have no vote in the council, except in case of a tie. In case of sickness, absence, refusal or inability of the mayor at any time to act, the council shall designate some one of their number to act in place of said mayor, and who shall have the powers conferred upon said mayor by this charter. The Beginning July 1, 2018, the mayor and the councilmen shall hold their respective offices for two four years from the first day of July succeeding their election, and until their successors are elected and qualified. Provided, however, those persons presently in office shall continue therein until July 1, 1980.

2. That an emergency exists and this act is in force from its passage.

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