HB 400 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority; established, report.
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Summary as introduced:
Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority established. Establishes the Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority, to be governed by a 10-member board, for the purpose of developing and implementing a program by which each individual who incurred qualified education loan debt as a Virginia student at an institution of higher education in the Commonwealth and who is eligible, on the basis of criteria established by the Authority that are substantially similar to criteria used by private lenders in the Commonwealth to evaluate student eligibility for an unsecured personal loan at market rates, may receive a loan from the Authority to refinance all or part of his qualified education loans, as that term is defined in relevant federal law.

Full text:
01/06/16  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/16 16100304D  pdf

01/06/16  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/13/16 16100304D
01/06/16  House: Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor
01/21/16  House: Assigned C & L sub: Subcommittee #2
01/28/16  House: Subcommittee recommends continuing to 2017 by voice vote
02/02/16  House: Continued to 2017 in Commerce and Labor by voice vote
12/01/16  House: Left in Commerce and Labor