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  • HB 1439 Income tax, individual and corporate; small business job creation tax credit.
  • HB 1499 Apportionment of income; corporate income tax.
  • HB 1527 Corporations; reinstatement.
  • HB 1714 Corporate income tax; rate of taxation.
  • HB 1717 Individual income tax; subtraction for interest and dividends from Virginia-based corporations.
  • HB 1754 Securities Act; regulation of federal covered securities.
  • HB 1824 DPOR; deregulation of interior designers.
  • HB 1830 Income tax, state and corporate; artificial intelligence industry tax deduction.
  • HB 1893 Youth-controlled online businesses; registered office.
  • HB 1984 Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act; establishment of protected series.
  • HB 2074 Income tax, state and corporate; subtraction for Virginia venture capital account investment.
  • HB 2102 Insurance regulation; corporate governance annual disclosures.
  • HB 2110 State Corporation Commission; business entity fees.
  • HB 2230 Stock corporations; shareholders' meetings.
  • HJ 638 Study; Department of Taxation to study unitary combined reporting of corporate income; report.
  • SB 789 Income tax, corporate; rate of taxation.
  • SB 835 Income tax, corporate; lowers tax rate to 2.5 percent.
  • SB 1025 Payment of estimated taxes by certain public service corporations; repeal.