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Bill List: Introduced 01-08-2017
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  • HB 1739 Civil immunity; emergency services and communications.
  • HB 1740 Sanitary districts; creation by board of supervisors.
  • HB 1741 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge; designating as Virginia Route 114 bridge.
  • HB 1742 License plates, special; changes fees for plates for certain veterans.
  • HB 1743 Alcoholic beverage control; retail on-premises license for nonprofit cinema houses.
  • HB 1744 Alcoholic beverage control; disposable containers.
  • HB 1745 Restoration of firearms rights; report to State Police.
  • HB 1746 Higher educational institutions; possession and administration of epinephrine.
  • HB 1747 Advance directives; persons authorized to provide assistance in completing, training programs.
  • HB 1748 Charity health care services; liability protection for administrators.
  • HB 1749 Accident and sickness insurance rate filings; agent commissions.
  • HB 1750 Dispensing of naloxone; patient-specific order not required.
  • HB 1751 Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth; mission.
  • HB 1752 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority (VEDP); grants and other economic incentives.
  • HB 1753 Local government; prohibiting certain practice requiring contractors to provide compensation, etc.
  • HB 1754 Securities Act; regulation of federal covered securities.
  • HB 1755 Step therapy protocols; disclosures.
  • HB 1756 Education improvement scholarships tax credit; eligibility requirements.
  • HJ 616 Joint Commission on Health Care; study of quality of health care services in jails and prisons.
  • HJ 617 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Compact of 1966 gubernatorial review.
  • HJ 618 Study; the costs and benefits of assisting localities in alleviating pay compression.
  • HJ 619 Study; Tax Commissioner to study disincentives to upgrade machinery and tools; report.
  • HJ 620 Commending the 82nd Airborne Division.
  • HJ 621 Commending Matthew A. Gump.