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Bill List: Introduced 12-20-2016
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  • HB 1509 Mineral mines reclamation; bonds and liens.
  • HB 1510 Appointment of guardian ad litem in civil cases.
  • HB 1511 Presentence reports.
  • HB 1512 Higher educational institutions, public; academic credit for American Sign Language courses.
  • HJ 558 Commending the Chantilly High School baseball team.
  • HJ 559 Commending the Chantilly High School boys' tennis team.
  • SB 881 Va Retirement System (VRS); receipt of retirement allowance while employed in a covered position.
  • SB 882 Absentee voting; eligibility of any registered voter.
  • SB 883 Expungement of police and court records; costs.
  • SB 884 Waste and recycling charges; liens.
  • SB 885 Tests for infection with human immunodeficiency virus or hepatitis B, C virus; order of magistrate.
  • SB 886 Gas severance tax.
  • SB 887 Prioritization of statewide transportation projects; exceptions.
  • SB 888 Civil immunity; emergency services and communications.
  • SB 889 Concealed handgun permit fees; exemptions; retired probation and parole officers.
  • SB 890 Ignition interlock; time for installation.
  • SB 891 Perpetual care trust funds; method of distribution.
  • SB 892 Absentee voting; deadline for requesting absentee ballot by means other than in person.
  • SB 893 Firearm locks required for sale or transfer of handguns; warning against accessibility to children.
  • SB 894 Commissioner of Behavioral Health and Developmental Srvcs; reports of critical incidents or death.
  • SB 895 Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission; defendant found incompetent.