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S.B. 1312. An Act to amend and reenact 2.2-419, 2.2-422, 2.2-423, 2.2-426, 2.2-430, 2.2-431, 2.2-3101, 2.2-3103.1, 2.2-3110, 2.2-3112, 2.2-3114, 2.2-3115, 2.2-3116, 2.2-3121, 2.2-4369, 24.2-502, 30-101, 30-103.1, 30-105, 30-106, 30-110, 30-124, 30-129.1, 30-356, and 30-356.2 of the Code of Virginia and to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Article 5 of Chapter 31 of Title 2.2 a section numbered 2.2-3118.2 and by adding a section numbered 30-111.1, relating to lobbyist reporting, the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, and the General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; filing of required disclosures; registration of lobbyists; candidate filings; judges; definition of gift; informal advice; civil penalties; technical amendments.

03/07/17 Senate: Bill text as passed Senate and House (SB1312ER)
02/13/17 House: Committee substitute printed 17105294D-H1
02/02/17 Senate: Committee substitute printed 17105140D-S1
01/10/17 Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed with emergency clause; offered 01/13/16 17102773D



Passed Senate February 6, 2017 (39-Y 1-N)

Conference report adopted by Senate February 25, 2017 (38-Y 1-N)



    1. Line 1023, enrolled, after contract
    2. Line 1024, enrolled, after 2.2-4302.2 or
    3. At the beginning of line 1040, enrolled
        F. Any legislator who has a personal interest in a contract with any state or local governmental agency that satisfies an exception set forth in clause (ii) of subsection B or clause (ii) of subsection C shall disclose the name of the governmental agency, the approximate value of the contract, and the types of goods or services provided or to be provided under the contract on the disclosure form prescribed in 30-111. Nothing in this subsection shall require the disclosure of any information by a legislator that is protected by attorney-client or any other privilege.

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