SB 1106 Made in Appalachia Initiative; refundable tax credits.
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Summary as introduced:

Made in Appalachia Initiative; tax credits. Establishes beginning in taxable year 2017 refundable tax credits for certain investments in the localities of the Appalachian region. The bill defines the "Appalachian region" to include the localities of the Cumberland Plateau, LENOWISCO, and Mount Rogers planning districts. Any person may claim a credit in the amount of (i) 10 percent of any capital investment in the Appalachian region, (ii) $6,000 per full-time job created in the Appalachian region that pays at or above the locality's median wage, and (iii) the sales tax paid by the person in purchasing materials directly used in the manufacture of products in the Appalachian region. The bill authorizes the Department of Taxation to issue up to $40 million in credits per taxable year. Any person who earns credits would be allowed to transfer unused credits to another taxpayer; however, such transfer would be subject to a fee of one percent of the dollar amount of the credits.

Full text:
01/09/17  Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/17 17101048D  pdf | impact statement

01/09/17  Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/17 17101048D
01/09/17  Senate: Referred to Committee on Finance
01/31/17  Senate: Passed by indefinitely in Finance with letter (14-Y 1-N)