HB 1856 Restitution; supervised probation.
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Restitution; probation. Provides that for any offense that occurs on or after July 1, 2017, if restitution is ordered at the time of sentencing, the court shall place the defendant on an indefinite term of probation until all ordered restitution is paid in full. The bill requires that a probation agency ordered to monitor the restitution payments of a defendant placed on supervised probation notify the court and the attorney for the Commonwealth of the amount of unsatisfied restitution, if any, 30 days prior to the defendant's release from supervision. The bill also requires that a court schedule a hearing if any restitution remains unsatisfied on the date upon which restitution was to be paid in full within 90 days of such date if no probation agency was ordered to monitor the defendant's payments. The bill also establishes a mechanism for releasing a defendant from an indefinite term of probation even though all ordered restitution has not been paid in full. As introduced, this bill was a recommendation of the Virginia State Crime Commission. This bill is identical to SB 1285.

Full text:
01/10/17  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/17 17103210D  pdf | impact statement
01/27/17  House: Committee substitute printed 17104750D-H1  pdf | impact statement
02/13/17  Senate: Committee substitute printed 17105351D-S1  pdf
02/15/17  Senate: Committee substitute printed 17105499D-S2  pdf | impact statement
02/24/17  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB1856ER)  pdf | impact statement
03/24/17  House: Governor's substitute printed 17106008D-H2  pdf

Governor's recommendation
Governor's veto explanation

01/10/17  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/17 17103210D
01/10/17  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/13/17  House: Assigned Courts sub: Criminal Law
01/25/17  House: Subcommittee recommends reporting with substitute (10-Y 0-N)
01/25/17  House: Subcommittee recommends referring to Committee on Appropriations
01/27/17  House: Reported from Courts of Justice with substitute (21-Y 0-N)
01/27/17  House: Committee substitute printed 17104750D-H1
01/27/17  House: Referred to Committee on Appropriations
01/30/17  House: Assigned App. sub: Public Safety
02/02/17  House: Subcommittee recommends reporting (7-Y 0-N)
02/03/17  House: Reported from Appropriations (20-Y 0-N)
02/04/17  House: Read first time
02/06/17  House: Read second time
02/06/17  House: Committee substitute agreed to 17104750D-H1
02/06/17  House: Engrossed by House - committee substitute HB1856H1
02/07/17  House: Read third time and passed House (91-Y 6-N)
02/07/17  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (91-Y 6-N)
02/08/17  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed
02/08/17  Senate: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/13/17  Senate: Reported from Courts of Justice with substitute (13-Y 0-N)
02/13/17  Senate: Committee substitute printed 17105351D-S1
02/13/17  Senate: Rereferred to Finance
02/15/17  Senate: Reported from Finance with substitute (16-Y 0-N)
02/15/17  Senate: Committee substitute printed 17105499D-S2
02/16/17  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed (39-Y 0-N)
02/17/17  Senate: Read third time
02/17/17  Senate: Committee substitute rejected 17105351D-S1
02/17/17  Senate: Reading of substitute waived
02/17/17  Senate: Committee substitute agreed to 17105499D-S2
02/17/17  Senate: Passed by for the day
02/20/17  Senate: Read third time
02/20/17  Senate: Engrossed by Senate - committee substitute HB1856S2
02/20/17  Senate: Passed Senate with substitute (39-Y 0-N)
02/20/17  Senate: Reconsideration of Senate passage agreed to by Senate (40-Y 0-N)
02/20/17  Senate: Passed Senate with substitute (40-Y 0-N)
02/21/17  House: Placed on Calendar
02/21/17  House: Senate substitute agreed to by House 17105499D-S2 (80-Y 15-N 1-A)
02/21/17  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (80-Y 15-N 1-A)
02/24/17  House: Enrolled
02/24/17  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB1856ER)
02/24/17  House: Signed by Speaker
02/24/17  Senate: Signed by President
02/28/17  House: Enrolled Bill communicated to Governor on 2/28/17
02/28/17  Governor: Governor's Action Deadline Midnight, March 27, 2017
03/24/17  House: Governor's recommendation received by House
03/24/17  House: Governor's substitute printed 17106008D-H2
04/05/17  House: Placed on Calendar
04/05/17  House: House rejected Governor's recommendation (18-Y 79-N)
04/05/17  House: VOTE: REJECTED (18-Y 79-N)
04/05/17  House: Communicated to Governor
04/05/17  Governor: Governor's Action Deadline Midnight, May 5, 2017
05/03/17  Governor: Vetoed by Governor