In the Senate
February 27, 2015


H.J.R. 803 Commending Virginia Master Gardener Association, Inc.

Patrons--Lingamfelter; Senator: Colgan

H.J.R. 805 Commending Dolores A. Moore.

Patrons--Spruill, Hope, Jones, Keam, Kory, Landes, Leftwich, Morrissey, Sullivan, Tyler and Ware; Senator: Alexander

H.J.R. 811 Commending the Stuarts Draft Ruritan Club.

Patrons--Bell, Richard P., Cline and Landes; Senator: Hanger

H.J.R. 812 Celebrating the life of Jon Reed Donnelly.

Patrons--O'Bannon and Robinson; Senator: McDougle

H.J.R. 838 Commemorating the arrival of the French frigate Hermione at Virginia in 2015.

Patrons--Yancey, Howell, BaCote, Cox, Helsel, Keam, Mason, Peace, Pogge, Toscano, Villanueva and Ware; Senators: McDougle, Norment and Wagner

H.J.R. 841 Celebrating the life of Sam Kornblau.

Patrons--O'Bannon and Peace; Senators: McDougle and Stosch

H.J.R. 843 Celebrating the life of Robert Barns Brittain.

Patrons--Morefield, Kilgore and Pillion; Senator: Chafin

H.J.R. 860 Celebrating the life of Kathleen Therese Brown Rodenburg.

Patrons--Robinson; Senator: Watkins

H.J.R. 861 Commending George Frederick Boyland.

Patrons--Robinson; Senator: Watkins

H.J.R. 866 Commending Edward M. Page, Sr.

Patrons--Marshall, D.W. and Poindexter; Senator: Ruff

H.J.R. 871 Commending Matt Hagan.

Patrons--Rush; Senator: Smith

H.J.R. 876 Commending the Community Church of God in Christ.

Patrons--McClellan; Senator: McEachin

H.J.R. 878 Celebrating the life of Ferdinand T. Day.

Patrons--Herring and Krupicka; Senators: Barker, Ebbin and Saslaw

H.J.R. 888 Commending the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation.

Patrons--Hope; Senator: Favola

H.J.R. 894 Commending Scott M. Hamberger.

Patrons--Ramadan, Hugo, Greason, LaRock, LeMunyon, Minchew, Murphy and Rust; Senators: Black and Vogel

H.J.R. 895 Commending the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.

Patrons--Ramadan, Greason, LaRock, LeMunyon, Minchew, Murphy and Rust; Senator: Black

H.J.R. 899 Commending Milton J. Herd.

Patrons--Minchew, Rust, Greason and LaRock; Senators: Wexton, Black, Favola and Vogel

H.J.R. 902 Commending Walnut Hills Baptist Church.

Patrons--Mason; Senators: Miller and Norment

H.J.R. 903 Commending Jim Golden.

Patrons--Mason; Senators: Miller and Norment

H.J.R. 915 Commending Patricia Ann Keller Douglas.

Patrons--Webert, LaRock and Minchew; Senator: Vogel

H.J.R. 920 Commending the Giles High School football team.

Patrons--Yost; Senator: Edwards

H.J.R. 921 Commending Robert Cellell Dalton.

Patrons--Campbell; Senator: Carrico

H.J.R. 922 Commending Samir N. Saliba.

Patrons--Campbell, O'Quinn and Pillion; Senator: Carrico

H.J.R. 923 Commending Carolyn Honeycutt.

Patrons--Campbell; Senator: Carrico

H.J.R. 925 Commending the Honorable J. Michael Gamble.

Patrons--Cline, Byron, Fariss and Garrett; Senator: Garrett

H.J.R. 927 Commending Linda Byers.

Patrons--Cline; Senator: Garrett

H.J.R. 947 Commending 360IT Partners.

Patrons--Davis and Villanueva; Senator: Cosgrove

H.J.R. 949 Celebrating the life of Jerome Kersey.

Patrons--Peace and Edmunds; Senator: Ruff

Susan Clarke Schaar
Clerk of the Senate

Legislative Information System