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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • SJ 30 Standards of Learning; joint committees to study options for changing number, etc., of assessments.
  • HB 324 Virginia Virtual School; established, report, effective date.
  • HR 320 Commending Michael R. Frey
  • HB 910 Renewable energy property; tax credits for placing into service.
  • HB 1318 Absentee ballots; photo identification required for submission of application.
  • SB 686 Marijuana; decriminalization of simple marijuana possession, penalty.
  • HB 1400 Budget Bill.
  • HB 1297 Machinery and tools tax; production of renewable energy.
  • SB 763 Securities Act; crowdfunding exemption.
  • HB 1059 Electric utility regulation; recovery of certain generation facility costs, etc.
  • HB 1309 Local school boards; arming of school security officers.
  • HB 1303 Local school boards; administration of Standards of Learning assessments.
  • HB 388 Charter schools; funding.
  • HB 1277 Industrial hemp; production and manufacturing.
  • SB 293 Reckless driving; causing death or injury of certain persons, Class 5 felony.
  • HB 1310 Taxes on electronic cigarettes and other vapor products.
  • HB 1289 Same-sex marriages; civil unions.
  • SB 712 Higher education; handling of sexual assault cases.
  • HB 461 Coalbed methane gas; release of funds held in escrow or suspense.
  • SB 428 Personal property tax; localities authorized to tax telephone and telegraph companies.
  • HB 1275 Veterans Care Center projects; funding of projects.
  • SB 505 Natural gas; incentives for expanded use as transportation fuel, report.
  • SB 724 SOL; Bd. of Education prohibited from adopting revisions that implement Common Core State Standards.
  • HB 1287 Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; conviction required.
  • SB 688 Voter identification; accepted forms of identification.