SB 678 Governor's reorganization of executive branch of state government.
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floor: 02/24/12  Senate: House substitute rejected by Senate (1-Y 37-N)


NAYS--Barker, Black, Blevins, Carrico, Colgan, Deeds, Ebbin, Edwards, Favola, Garrett, Hanger, Herring, Howell, Locke, Lucas, Marsden, Marsh, Martin, McDougle, McEachin, McWaters, Miller, J.C., Miller, Y.B., Newman, Norment, Northam, Puckett, Puller, Ruff, Saslaw, Smith, Stanley, Stosch, Stuart, Vogel, Wagner, Watkins--37.

RULE 36--0.

NOT VOTING--Obenshain, Petersen--2.


Senator Reeves stated that he voted yea on the question of agreeing to the substitute proposed by the House of Delegates to S.B. 678, whereas he intended to vote nay.


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