HB 699 Highway maintenance funds; allocation of funds.
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Summary as introduced:
Highway maintenance funds.  Provides that when allocating funds for the interstate system of highways, the primary system of state highways, and the secondary system of state highways maintained by the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Transportation Board shall consider achieving a minimal level of disparity among highway construction districts in meeting asset performance standards. Prior to such allocation, the Board shall release for public review a comparison of the proposed allocation of funds by highway construction district with an allocation of funds based entirely on specific asset performance standards by highway construction district.

Full text:
01/11/12  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/12 12101614D  pdf | impact statement

01/11/12  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/12 12101614D
01/11/12  House: Referred to Committee on Transportation
01/20/12  House: Assigned Transportation sub: #3
01/27/12  House: Assigned Transportation sub: #4
02/02/12  House: Subcommittee recommends laying on the table by voice vote
02/14/12  House: Left in Transportation