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An Act to amend and reenact  29.1-344 of the Code of Virginia, relating to riparian duck blinds in Back Bay.
[H 175]

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  That 29.1-344 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:

29.1-344. Stationary blinds on shore and in the public waters for owners of riparian rights.

Each year, the owners of riparian rights, their lessees or permittees shall have the exclusive privilege of licensing and erecting stationary blinds on their shoreline, and the prior right of licensing and erecting stationary blinds in the public waters in front of their shoreline, to shoot waterfowl over the public waters. Such blinds shall not be located in water having a depth greater than eight feet at mean high tide, nor shall they be located further than halfway across the body of water from the riparian owner's shoreline, except on the shores and waters of Back Bay in the City of Virginia Beach where such blinds are limited to (i) the riparian owner's shoreline at the mean low water mark or (ii) blinds erected and licensed by the riparian owner in 2011. When such a license has been obtained and a stake or a stationary blind has been erected on the site with the license for that season properly affixed, no other stationary or floating blind shall be located in the public waters within 500 yards of the licensed site without the consent of the riparian owner, lessee or permittee. Riparian owners, their lessees or permittees may obtain licenses on and after May 1 and on or before June 15 of each year. A stake or a stationary blind shall be erected on the site, and a license plate supplied with the license for that season shall be affixed thereto by June 30. If a stake has been erected on the site of a stationary blind, such stake must be replaced by a blind by November 1 pursuant to the provisions of 29.1-341. Such stationary blinds shall conform to the standards prescribed in 29.1-341.

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