Pursuant to Article V, Section 6, of the Constitution of Virginia, I veto House Bill 878, which would authorize localities to impose a license tax, not to exceed $250 annually, upon resident owners of motor vehicles that do not display license plates issued by the Commonwealth and that are not exempted from the requirements of displaying such license plates.


The intent of this legislation is to encourage residents moving to the Commonwealth to register their vehicles in Virginia so that the localities may collect the personal property tax levied upon such vehicles. However, the intent of the Code section being amended is to discourage residents from storing large numbers of vehicles on residential property. Further, the obligation of a resident moving to the Commonwealth to register his or her vehicle in Virginia is codified at 46.2-662, which allows a resident 30 days to register his or her vehicle in Virginia. If a resident does not meet these requirements, he or she already may be subject to a $250 traffic citation per 46.2-113. This legislation includes no requirement for or reference to a resident's obligation to register his or her vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles under state law. Therefore, I believe the new license tax conflicts with and adds a second penalty to the existing state law. The intent of this legislation may be more appropriately addressed in Title 46.2 of the Code of Virginia.


Accordingly, I veto this bill.

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