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Bill List: Signed by Speaker and President
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  • HB 6009 Trooper Robert Tinsley Lohr Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 207 bridge over I-95 in Caroline.
  • HB 6010 Trooper Robin Lee Farmer Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 639 bridge over I-95 in Caroline Co.
  • HB 6016 Secondary highway system; improvements of existing highways not subject to certain standards, etc.
  • HB 6022 License plates, special; issuance to veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • HB 6027 Transportation Board; may enter into fixed-price contracts for materials, etc. for construction.
  • HB 6028 Light rail system; General Assemby determines expansion from Norfolk to beachfront in VA Beach.
  • HB 6045 Motor vehicle titles; transfer of titles for vehicles brought into State from another state.
  • HB 6054 Special tax district; provides for in Loudoun County improvements to bridge on Crooked Bridge Lane.
  • SB 6017 Contractors, Board for; extension of time for compliance with certain certification requirements.
  • SB 6018 Health, Department of; granted authority to issue certificates of free sale to certain manufacturer.
  • SB 6019 Unemployment benefits, extended; codifies requirement of federal law that State set out criterion.