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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • HB 30 Budget Bill.
  • HB 12 Payday Loan Act; requires SCC to contract with one or more parties to develop, etc. database.
  • SB 1 Civil remedial fees; repeals provision for those imposed on certain drivers.
  • HB 538 Commercial dog breeders; definition, requirements, penalty.
  • HB 499 Involuntary commitment; establishes new standard for outpatient commitment.
  • SB 246 Involuntary commitment; establishes new standards for outpatient commitment.
  • HB 815 Voluntary admission; report to Central Criminal Records Exchange.
  • HB 656 Animal protection and fighting; broadens penalty.
  • HB 516 Common Interest Community Board; established.
  • HB 14 Higher educational institutions; aliens unlawfully present not eligible for admission thereto.
  • HB 29 Budget Bill.
  • HB 443 Loudoun County; rights and duties of county chairman.
  • HB 11 Constitutional amendment; exempts certain homeowners from taxation (voter referendum).
  • SB 276 Psychiatric inpatient treatment of minors; timing of petition and hearing.
  • HB 982 Concealed handgun permit applications; access to personal information.
  • SB 620 Mentally retarded; replaces term with intellectually disabled.
  • SB 216 Voluntary admission; report to Central Criminal Records Exchange.
  • HB 879 Affordable dwelling unit ordinances; may establish requirement that prices for resale be controlled.
  • HB 440 Illegal aliens; presumption of no bail for those charged with certain crimes.
  • HB 408 Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices involving residential real property.
  • HB 559 Emergency custody orders, temporary detention orders, and involuntary commitment; criteria.
  • HB 475 Veterans; Commissioner et al., to establish comprehensive program to address mental health needs.
  • SB 464 Energy and Climate Change, Commission on; established, report.
  • HB 111 Highway systems; revenue-sharing funds therefor in certain counties, cities, and towns.
  • HB 223 Sex offenders; prohibiting proximity to children.