HJ 652 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office (first reference).
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Summary as introduced:
Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office. Permits the Governor to succeed himself in office. The amendment allows two four-year terms (either in succession or not in succession) but prohibits election to a third term. The amendment allows Governors elected in 2009 and thereafter to serve two successive terms. Service for more than two years of a partial term counts as service for one term. This resolution is a recommendation of the Joint Subcommittee to Study the Appropriate Balance of Power between the Legislative and Executive Branches to Support a Two-Term Governor in the Commonwealth (HJR 13, 2004). The proposed constitutional amendment in this resolution is identical to that in SJRs 401 and 410.

Full text:
01/11/05  House: Prefiled & ordered printed; offered 01/12/05 050286376  pdf

01/11/05  House: Prefiled & ordered printed; offered 01/12/05 050286376
01/11/05  House: Referred to Committee on Privileges and Elections
01/28/05  House: Passed by indefinitely in P. & E. (15-Y 5-N)