HJ 622 Constitutional amendment; limit on appropriations (first reference).
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Summary as introduced:
Constitutional amendment (first resolution); limit on appropriations. Limits total appropriations in any fiscal year to the preceding year's total appropriations plus a percentage increase equal to the past two years' average increase in the rate of inflation plus the average percentage increase in population. The amendment provides that any revenues collected in excess of the limitation shall be distributed: 50 percent to the Transportation Trust Fund and 50 percent to be refunded to individual income taxpayers. "Total appropriations" is defined to exclude moneys appropriated that are received from the federal government or an agency or unit thereof. The General Assembly may appropriate funds in excess of the stated limitation by a vote of two-thirds of the members elected to each house. If the amount in excess of the limitation is less than or equal to one percent of the limitation, the total excess shall be deposited to the Revenue Stabilization Fund if that Fund has not reached its constitutional limit or appropriated to the general fund.  This resolution is incorporated into HJR 525.

Full text:
01/10/05  House: Prefiled & ordered printed; offered 01/12/05 051149496  pdf

01/10/05  House: Prefiled & ordered printed; offered 01/12/05 051149496
01/10/05  House: Referred to Committee on Privileges and Elections
02/04/05  House: Incorporated by P.&E. (HJ525-Ware, R.L.) (20-Y 0-N)