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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • HB 1500 Budget Bill. Additional appropriations for 2004-2006 biennium.
  • HJ 586 Constitutional amendment; marriage may exist only between a man and woman (first reference).
  • SB 966 Provisional driver's licenses; changes in provisions.
  • HJ 742 Free Market Ideas; Transportation Comm. to study issues associated with more efficient system.
  • SB 817 Teachers; extends sunset provision concerning retirement allowances, report.
  • SB 708 Retail Sales & Use Tax; reduction of rate on food purchased for human consumption, effective date.
  • HJ 527 Constitutional amendment; Highway and Transportation Trust Funds continued (first reference).
  • SJ 331 Adoption; joint subcommittee to study laws and policies.
  • SB 813 Logo sign program; fee shall be collected by Transp. Comm. from entity for purpose of participating.
  • HJ 685 Youth group homes, private; joint subcommittee to study.
  • SB 884 License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Salem Avalanche baseball team.
  • SB 887 Mennel Milling Company; conveys land in Roanoke County to be used as VDOT maintenance facility.
  • HJ 525 Constitutional amendment; limit on growth in general fund appropriations & revenues (1st reference).
  • SB 766 Mutual aid arrangements; allows director of emergency management to reciprocate.
  • SB 709 Retail Sales and Use Tax; eliminates additional payment required of dealers.
  • HB 1521 Retirement System; increases retirement allowance for state employees and law-enforcement officers.
  • SB 741 Substance Abuse Services Council; membership. 
  • SJ 310 Constitutional amendment; Transportation Trust Fund (first reference).
  • SJ 384 Constitutional amendment; assessment of real property (first reference).
  • SJ 401 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office.
  • SJ 316 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); establishment of special funds.
  • SJ 337 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); marriage.
  • HB 1798 Illegal aliens; eligibility for state and local public benefits.
  • SB 1327 Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act; created, report.
  • SB 700 Budget Bill. Additional appropriations for 2004-2006 biennium.