SB 691 Legislative appointments; definition of nonlegislative citizen member.
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Summary as introduced:
General provisions; appointment process. Shifts the appointing authority from the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections to the Senate Committee on Rules by redefining references in the Code to the Committee on Privileges and Elections. Under the proposed Rules of the Senate to be adopted in 2004, the Committee on Rules is designated the appointing authority for study committees and commissions. The bill also defines the term "nonlegislative citizen member," which is often used to describe who may serve as appointees to collegial bodies. There has been confusion that this terminology excludes all elected officials from serving on a collegial body, although the intent is only to exclude members of the General Assembly.

This bill does not affect existing appointments that have not expired. However, new appointments and appointments to fill vacancies made after the effective date of the act must be made in accordance with the act. This act is effective upon its passage. This bill is identical to SB 566.

Full text:
01/29/04  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 044869148  pdf

01/29/04  Senate: Unanimous consent to introduce
01/29/04  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 044869148
01/29/04  Senate: Referred to Committee on Rules
02/13/04  Senate: Stricken at request of Patron in Rules by voice vote