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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • HB 1 Feticide; penalty.
  • SB 30 Budget Bill. Appropriations for 2004-2006 biennium.
  • SB 635 Tax reform; changes for income, sales & use, estate, local license and motor fuels taxes, etc.
  • HB 638 Felony conviction; compensation for wrongful incarceration.
  • HB 380 Charter School Excellence and Accountability Act; changes in provisions.
  • HB 569 Gangs; definition, penalty upon conviction of criminal activity, forfeiture of property, etc.
  • SB 601 Risk management plans; incl. med. malpractice liability insur. for phys. & sole community hospitals.
  • HB 404 Concealed handguns; allows permit holders to purchase more than one handgun per month.
  • HB 751 Marriage; affirmation.
  • HB 215 Concealed handguns; reciprocal agreements for permits with other states.
  • SB 384 Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs; mandatory minimum sentence of 3rd offense, joint pros.
  • SB 329 Driver's license; driving after forfeiture for DUI conviction, penalty.
  • HB 530 Firearms; control by localities.
  • HB 38 License plates, special; issuance to various organizations, persons, etc.
  • HB 4 Estate tax; conformity of state and federal statutes.
  • SB 561 Charter; City of Richmond.
  • HJ 34 Retirement System; study & review of benefits of public safety officers injured in line of duty.
  • HB 30 Budget Bill. Appropriations for 2004-2006 biennium.
  • SB 465 Cigarettes and tobacco products; tax increased revenue deposited in Health Care Fund.
  • SB 21 License plates, special; issuance to various organizations.
  • HB 546 Technology programs; Secretary of Technology to monitor, and to report on broadband com. trends.
  • HB 257 Driver's license; requires vision exam for persons age 80 or older.
  • SB 181 Assisted living facilities; regulations for emergency electrical systems.
  • HB 653 Juveniles; juvenile intake officers and magistrates to order confinement.
  • HB 94 Real estate tax; increases asset thresh. amts. of elderly or disabled prior to reduced imposition.