SB 1286 Absentee voting; students attending Virginia universities & colleges.
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Summary as introduced:
Absentee voting by students attending Virginia universities, colleges, and community colleges. Authorizes the State Board of Elections to conduct a pilot program for voting absentee through the Internet for students attending Virginia universities, colleges, and community colleges who are qualified to vote in Virginia. The program will be conducted in those localities whose electoral boards choose to participate. The application will be the usual absentee ballot application with the addition of space for the student's e-mail address. The application may be filed on line with the local general registrar's office. The program will provide that the absentee ballot and instructions for creating the requisite envelopes to seal the ballot and return it by mail will be forwarded to the student by e-mail. The student must complete the ballot and return it by mail in compliance with current law provisions. This pilot program extends a program established by the State Board for certain military and overseas voters to receive absentee ballots through the Internet.

Full text:
01/15/03  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 034479882  pdf | impact statement

01/15/03  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 034479882
01/15/03  Senate: Referred to Committee on Education and Health
01/23/03  Senate: Rereferred from Education and Health by voice vote
01/23/03  Senate: Rereferred to Privileges and Elections
02/04/03  Senate: Left in Privileges and Elections