HB 2773 Garnishment; increasing trigger level.
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Summary as introduced:
Garnishment; increasing trigger level. Increases the maximum part of aggregate disposable income that may be subjected to garnishment by providing that with respect to the option established against the federal wage levels, only wages in excess of 40 times the federal minimum hourly wage may be garnished. Under current law, aggregate disposable income subject to garnishment cannot exceed the lesser of (i) 25 percent of disposable earnings for the week or (ii) the amount by which disposable earnings exceed 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage. The bill would change 30 to 40 in option (ii).

Full text:
01/17/03  House: Presented & ordered printed 034480608  pdf

01/17/03  House: Presented & ordered printed 034480608
01/17/03  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/30/03  House: Assigned to C. J. sub-committee: 2
01/31/03  House: Passed by indefinitely in C. J. (19-Y 2-N)