HB 2739 Instant runoff voting to elect candidates to office.
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Summary as introduced:
Instant runoff voting to elect candidates to office. Implements the instant runoff voting method of determining winners in elections. The method produces a majority winner in a single election by simulating a series of runoff elections. All first choices are counted, and if any candidate receives a majority of first choices, that candidate is elected. If no candidate receives a majority, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and all ballots are recounted as one vote for each voter’s highest-ranked candidate who has not been eliminated. The process of eliminating candidates and recounting ballots continues until one candidate receives a majority.

Full text:
01/16/03  House: Presented & ordered printed 034420620  pdf | impact statement

01/16/03  House: Presented & ordered printed 034420620
01/16/03  House: Referred to Committee on Privileges and Elections
01/31/03  House: Stricken at request of Patron in P. & E. (22-Y 0-N)