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Offered January 17, 2003
Commending Officer Cassondre Wilburn.
Patron-- Stolle

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth supports and encourages officer fitness and overall wellness within the criminal justice community; and

WHEREAS, in order to promote and recognize officer fitness, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, in conjunction with the LawFit Program at George Mason University, developed the Top Cop Fitness Challenge; and

WHEREAS, the Top Cop Fitness Challenge was conducted at four regional sites statewide, with more than 80 officers competing; and

WHEREAS, the competition involved six challenging fitness events; and

WHEREAS, Officer Cassondre Wilburn of the Virginia Beach Police Department exhibited an extraordinary level of fitness in all six Top Cop Fitness Challenge events; and

WHEREAS, Officer Cassondre Wilburn achieved an overall score of 358 points, the highest in the female division of the Top Cop Fitness Challenge; and

WHEREAS, Officer Cassondre Wilburn has continually encouraged and trained fellow officers in physical fitness; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly commend and congratulate Officer Cassondre Wilburn on her well-deserved recognition as a leader in the field of physical fitness; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Officer Cassondre Wilburn as an expression of the General Assembly's admiration for her achievement in Virginia's Top Cop Fitness Challenge.

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