HB 247 Reduced tuition and fees for teacher's children.
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Summary as introduced:
Reduced tuition and fees for certain students. Requires the governing board of any public institution of higher education or the governing board of the Virginia Community College System to reduce tuition and required fees by fifteen percent for any Virginia resident dependent child who is accepted for full-time enrollment for undergraduate study at such two- or four-year public institution and whose parent has completed fifteen years of full-time employment as a teacher or administrator in the Virginia public school system.

The institution must determine the eligibility of the applicant for this reduction pursuant to guidelines to be developed by the State Council, in consultation with the Board of Education. These guidelines shall address, among other things, the identification of eligible students, determinations of the required full-time employment as a public school teacher or administrator, and such other procedures as may be necessary for the implementation of these tuition and fee reductions. User fees, such as room and board charges, are not included in this tuition and fee reduction; however, all required fees, educational and auxiliary, are be reduced along with tuition.

Full text:
01/09/02  House: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 01/05/02 026320736  pdf

01/09/02  House: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 01/05/02 026320736
01/09/02  House: Referred to Committee on Education
01/28/02  House: Continued to 2003 in Education (20-Y 2-N)