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Armed Forces
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  • HB 43 In-state tuition for spouses and dependents of military personnel.
  • HB 83 License plates, special; World War II veterans, fees.
  • HB 134 License plates, special; issuance honoring injured/killed on USS Cole.
  • HB 230 Special license plates; 173rd Airborne Brigade.
  • HB 241 Military disability benefits; state employees.
  • HB 267 License plates, special; plates available to military veterans.
  • HB 281 Special license plates; persons awarded Combat Infantryman Badge.
  • HB 295 Guaranteed Assistance Program; applicable to military personnel.
  • HB 305 Special license plates; veterans of World War II.
  • HB 340 Pay for state employees ordered active military service.
  • HB 536 Employees of localities on military leave.
  • HB 584 Special license plates; persons awarded Bronze Star, etc.
  • HB 645 Income tax; vol. contribution to War Mem. Assn. and D-Day Mem. Found.
  • HB 670 War Memorial Foundation; membership.
  • HB 740 Virginia taxable income; military retirement income subtraction.
  • HB 1058 Carrying concealed weapons by members of U.S. armed forces.
  • HB 1209 Clerk of circuit court; military service discharge records.
  • HB 1372 Active duty National Guard, militia, etc.
  • HJ 48 Veterans Day Observance.
  • HJ 252 National Guard and reserve components.
  • SB 322 Virginia Military Advisory Council; created.
  • SB 362 War Memorial Foundation; possession of certain military medals.
  • SB 368 License plates, special; retired members of U.S. Air Force.
  • SB 372 Preference for veterans for employment with State.
  • SB 499 License plates, special; military combat units.
  • SJ 29 Welcoming National Army Museum of U.S. Army to Fort Belvoir.