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Charitable, Civic and Volunteer Institutions and Organizations
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  • HB 62 License plates, special; issuance to members of Rotary International.
  • HB 89 License plates, special; various patriotic & civic organizations.
  • HB 347 Motor fuels tax; exemption for volunteer rescue squads.
  • HB 385 License plates, special; various organizations.
  • HB 405 Criminal history record information; Compeer.
  • HB 406 Child protective services' central registry; check on Compeer.
  • HB 407 Department of Motor Vehicle records; information on Compeer.
  • HB 444 Special license plates; Girl Scouts.
  • HB 739 Quantity of land benevolent and other associations may hold.
  • HB 1232 Special license plates; Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.
  • HJ 116 Study; moving people through mass transit and volunteer organiz.
  • HJ 127 Support for volunteer rescue squads and fire departments.
  • SB 456 Special license plates; supporters of Girl Scouts of America.
  • SB 498 License plates, special; Rotary International.
  • SB 676 Charitable corporations.