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Juvenile Justice
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  • HB 25 Juvenile not guilty by reason of insanity; study report.
  • HB 259 Juveniles; criteria for detention or shelter care.
  • HB 310 Access of juvenile record information.
  • HB 424 Juveniles; duty of person taking child into custody.
  • HB 621 Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families.
  • HB 1000 Risk assessment instrument when making detention decision.
  • HB 1205 Confidentiality of juvenile records.
  • HB 1218 Runaway juveniles; criteria for detention.
  • HB 1236 Juvenile detention; adults.
  • HB 1246 Juvenile placement in a secure facility.
  • HB 1344 Confidentiality of juvenile court records; exceptions.
  • HJ 72 Study; confidentiality of juvenile records.
  • HJ 121 Study; mental health screening and assessment for juvenile offenders.
  • SB 467 Juveniles; criteria for detention or shelter care.
  • SB 653 Juveniles; retention of fingerprints.
  • SJ 101 Study; mental health screening of juvenile offenders.