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Real Estate and Real Estate Tax
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  • HB 183 Churches; quantity of real property trustees may hold.
  • HB 192 Real estate tax; partial exemption for comm. or indus. property.
  • HB 208 Real property tax; restrictions on partial exemptions and deferrals.
  • HB 227 Service districts; property assessment.
  • HB 239 Classification of real property improvements in Fairfax City.
  • HB 372 Real estate settlements; duties of lender.
  • HB 465 Real property tax; exemption for certain rehabilitated structures.
  • HB 484 Tax exemptions for certain rehabilitated, renovated, etc. structures.
  • HB 503 BPOL tax; exemption for receipts of real estate brokers and agents.
  • HB 647 Real Estate Cooperative Act; taxation.
  • HB 846 Commercial real estate broker's lien.
  • HB 911 Real property tax; partial exemption for certain rehabilitated, etc.
  • HJ 13 Constitutional amendment; property tax exemptions.
  • SB 18 Real estate tax; partial exempt. certain commercial/industrial struct.
  • SB 119 Real estate tax; partial exemption for rehabilitated structures.
  • SB 253 Real estate tax; assessments.
  • SB 275 Service districts; property assessment.
  • SB 479 Service charge in lieu of real property taxation.
  • SB 544 Real estate taxes; exemption for elderly and disabled.
  • SB 632 Income tax; different tax rate from sale of certain real estate.
  • SB 685 Local real estate taxes; use value assessment.
  • SJ 36 Study; land takings.