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Bill List: Introduced 02-18-2002
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  • HJ 398 Celebrating the life of Patricia E. Mickley.
  • HJ 399 On the death of Lieutenant Colonel Jerry D. Dickerson.
  • HJ 400 On the death of Rosa Maria Chapa.
  • HJ 401 On the death of Commander Patrick W. Dunn.
  • HJ 402 On the death of Staff Sergeant Maudlyn White.
  • HJ 403 On the death of Marjorie C. Salamone.
  • HJ 404 Commending Grace Tinsley.
  • HJ 405 Commemorating 75th anniversary of opening of the Downing Bridge.
  • HJ 406 Commending H. Carter Myers III.
  • SJ 246 Celebrating the life of Kyle Hurdle.
  • SJ 247 Commending the Coast Guard Blue Dolphins swim team.
  • SJ 248 Celebrating the life of Richard H. Foote.
  • SJ 249 Commending Virginia's Uninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund.
  • SJ 250 Commending Officer Eileen Skurkis.