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    Adult care centers; transfers regulation from Department and Board of Social Services to Board of Health. Amending §§ 2.1-342, 2.1-373.1, 15.1-50.5, 19.2-389, 32.1-102.1, 32.1-102.3:1, 32.1-102.3:2, 32.1-102.3:2.1, 32.1-124, 36-99.5:1, 36-139.3, 37.1-98, 37.1-123, 54.1-3408, 58.1-609.8 and 63.1-25.1; adding §§ 32.1-144.1 through 32.1-144.47; repealing §§ 63.1-172 through 63.1-194.13. (Patron-Woods, SB 367)

    Adult care residences; employees trained in CPR to honor patient's request not-to-resuscitate in event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. Amending § 54.1-2901; adding § 63.1-174.3. (Patron-Guest, HB 1384)

    Adult care residences; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to recommend best method for providing mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services to persons residing therein. (Patron-Thomas, HJR 86; Howell, SJR 96)

    Adult care residences; uniform assessment instruments. Amending § 63.1-173.3. (Patron-Guest, HB 1388)

    Aid to families with dependent children; applicable to a child who was conceived as result of incest or rape. Amending § 63.1-105.1. (Patron-Cunningham, HB 1069)

    Au Pair Regulations, Federal; Report of Department of Social Services (HJR 543, 1995). (HD 59)

    Child abuse or neglect; location of persons under protective services, notification upon relocation. Amending § 63.1-248.6. (Patron-Brickley, HB 291)

    Child abuse or neglect; penalty for making false reports. Adding § 63.1-248.5:1.01. (Patron-Melvin, HB 37; Gartlan, SB 10)

    Child abuse or neglect; time limits on making determination if a case is founded or unfounded. Amending § 63.1-248.6. (Patron-Cunningham, HB 1382)

    Child Day-Care and Early Childhood Programs, Council on; abolished. Amending §§ 2.1-1.7, 2.1-20.4, 2.1-51.15, 9-6.25:2, 9-268, 9-271, 9-291.1, 63.1-196.5, 63.1-211.2 and 63.1-314.8; repealing §§ 9-281 through 9-291. (Patron-Cox, HB 569)

    Child Day-Care Council; abolished. Amending §§ 2.1-1.7, 2.1-51.15, 9-6.25:2, 9-291.1, 22.1-19, 63.1-196.01, 63.1-196.01:1, 63.1-196.1, 63.1-196.5 and 63.1-202; adding § 63.1-202.2; repealing § 63.1-202.1. (Patron-Cox, HB 1085)

    Child day-care fee system; Commission on Early Childhood and Child Day-Care Programs to study. (Patron-Woodrum, HJR 112)

    Child protective services; duties of local departments of social services, appeals of child abuse determinations, standard of proof for abuse or neglect. Amending §§ 16.1-241, 63.1-248.6 and 63.1-248.6:1. (Patron-Gartlan, SB 621)

    Child protective services; establishment of a pilot multiple response system. Adding § 63.1-248.18. (Patron-Brickley, HB 36; Woods, SB 12)

    Child protective services; retention of records in unfounded cases. Amending § 63.1-248.5:1. (Patron-Puller, HB 34; Woods, SB 11)

    Child support; guidelines. Amending §§ 20-108.2 and 63.1-264.2. (Patron-Sherwood, HB 1371; Earley, SB 497)

    Child support; orders by Department of Social Services when evidence of abandonment or refusal to support by child's parent. Amending § 63.1-250.1. (Patron-Dillard, HB 780)

    Child support; redirection to a caretaker, relative, etc., who has physical custody of a child. Amending § 63.1-250.1. (Patron-Earley, SB 499)

    Child support enforcement; filing of modified order. Amending §§ 63.1-252.1 and 63.1-252.2. (Patron-Quayle, SB 280)

    Child support enforcement; pilot privatization, Department of Social Services and Office of Attorney General to evaluate. Amending § 63.1-274.10; adding § 63.1-249.1. (Patron-McDonnell, HB 1401)

    Child support enforcement; recovery of costs including fees for service of process, seizure and sale. Amending § 63.1-274.10. (Patron-Forbes, HB 1042; Norment, SB 300)

    Children from low-income families; joint subcommittee to study methods for providing tax incentives to "for-profit" child care centers and providers who offer scholarships or reduced prices thereto, appropriation. (Patron-Puller, HJR 137)

    Child-welfare agencies; retaliation against reports of child abuse or neglect prohibited. Adding § 63.1-198.03:1. (Patron-Puller, HB 478)

    Community Action, Follow-Up Review of; Report of Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (Item 15C, Chapter 966, 1994 Acts). (HD 4)

    Compulsory school attendance; loss of aid to families with dependent children benefits for noncompliance, direct contact with parent or guardian. Amending § 63.1-105. (Patron-Darner, HB 65)

    Criminal history records check; applicable to child-caring institutions. Amending §§ 19.2-389, 63.1-197, 63.1-198, 63.1-198.1, 63.1-199 and 63.1-248.7:2. (Patron-Martin, SB 365)

    Criminal history records check; dissemination of information to applicants and employees of community action agencies. Amending §§ 19.2-389 and 63.1-248.8. (Patron-McEachin, HB 1294)

    Deaf and hard-of-hearing; technology assistance in distribution program. Amending § 63.1-85.4. (Patron-Wampler, SB 469)

    Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness, Feasibility of Extending Medicaid Coverage to Persons With; Report of Department of Medical Assistance Services (HJR 632, 1995). (HD 19)

    Elderly and Disabled Waiver; expressing sense of General Assembly that Department of Medical Assistance Services request a waiver or waiver amendment from federal government and implement consumer-directed personal assistance services, Department to examine existing and available waivers to provide personal assistance services through consumer-based model of service delivery. (Patron-Almand, HJR 125)

    Elderly and Disabled Waiver, Consumer-Directed Services; Report of Department of Medical Assistance Services (HJR 539, 1995). (HD 18)

    Employment Commission; records and reports, report of new hires to Department of Social Services. Amending § 60.2-114. (Patron-Bloxom, HB 385)

    Employment Not Welfare, Initiative for (VIEW); employers to meet certain conditions when employing aid to families with dependent children recipients hired under this program. Amending § 63.1-133.49. (Patron-Melvin, HB 1300)

    Employment Not Welfare, Initiative for (VIEW); families subject thereto have a life-time cap of 5 years for receipt of aid to families with dependent children. Amending § 63.1-133.50. (Patron-Newman, SB 514)

    Employment Not Welfare, Initiative for (VIEW); persons making progress towards completion of a job training or educational program exempt from work requirements. Amending § 63.1-133.49. (Patron-Melvin, HB 630)

    Family day homes; threshold for licensure. Amending §§ 63.1-195 and 63.1-196.04. (Patron-Martin, SB 293)

    Family Support Act, Uniform Interstate; provisions. Amending §§ 20-88.32, 20-88.39, 20-88.48 and 63.1-250.1. (Patron-Rollison, HB 1016; Norment, SB 302)

    Fuel assistance program, low-income; Department of Social Services to allocate certain amount to low-income weatherization assistance programs. (Patron-Almand, HB 675)

    Hearing dogs; abolishes requirement for identification cards by persons therewith. Repealing § 63.1-171.8. (Patron-Marshall, HB 1092; Martin, SB 339)

    Hospitals and nursing homes or facilities; may operate adult day-care centers after obtaining appropriate license. Amending § 32.1-127. (Patron-Marye, SB 122)

    Illegal aliens; prohibits expenditure of state funds to provide social services thereto, reporting to Immigration and Naturalization Service. Amending §§ 63.1-87, 63.1-93 and 63.1-109; adding § 63.1-109.1. (Patron-Wilkins, HB 1268)

    Immigrants; Departments of Social Services, of Education, et al., to develop protocol which will enable them to inquire as to citizenship or immigration status of clients and students when applying for services. (Patron-Grayson, HJR 246)

    Indigent medical services; accounting. Adding § 54.1-2403.4. (Patron-DeBoer, HB 1138)

    Long-term care; development of a voucher payment system for use in intermediate levels of care. Amending §§ 32.1-325, 63.1-25.1 and 63.1-174.001. (Patron-Guest, HB 1387)

    Medical assistance services; Director of Department of Medical Assistance Services and Office of Attorney General authorized to contract therefor for audit and investigative services. Amending §§ 32.1-310 and 32.1-320. (Patron-Purkey, HB 912)

    Medical assistance services; penalty to transfer assets to qualify for assistance. Amending § 20-88.02. (Patron-Miller, K.G., SB 378)

    Medical assistance services; premium assistance program for HIV-positive individuals. Amending § 32.1-330.1; repealing second enactment of Chapter 200, 1994 Acts. (Patron-Darner, HB 1148)

    Medical assistance services; state plan to determine eligibility. Amending §§ 32.1-325, 63.1-97.1 and 63.1-107. (Patron-Fisher, HB 1278)

    Medical care facilities certificates of public need; applicable to nursing home projects filed with State Corporation Commission, Commissioner of Health to study need for requiring adult care residences providing assisted living levels of care to be subject to certificates of need regulations, Joint Commission on Health Care to study requiring out-patient or ambulatory surgical centers to be subject to certificates of need regulations. Amending § 32.1-102.3:2. (Patron-Melvin, HB 1302)

    Motor vehicle child restraint devices; providing to indigents. Amending §§ 11-45 and 46.2-1097. (Patron-Reid, HB 1032)

    Neighborhood Assistance Act; extends tax credit deadlines, impoverished areas to meet certain criteria. Amending § 63.1-323 and Chapter 779, 1995 Acts. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HB 1318)

    Neighborhood Assistance Act; increases amount of tax credit for programs approved thereunder. Amending § 63.1-323. (Patron-Diamonstein, HB 117; Lambert, SB 439)

    Neighborhood Assistance Act; tax credit. Amending § 63.1-323 and fourth enactment of Chapter 779, 1995 Acts. (Patron-Watkins, HB 1476; Walker, SB 420)

    Nursing facilities; licensure and funding requirements for pediatric units thereof. Amending §§ 2.1-757, 2.1-758, 22.1-215, 32.1-125 and 63.1-195. (Patron-Woods, SB 579)

    Nursing home patients; protection. Amending § 32.1-27.1. (Patron-Deeds, HB 842)

    Nursing home patients; protection. Amending §§ 32.1-27.1 and 32.1-325. (Patron-Benedetti, SB 446)

    Nursing home patients; protection. Amending § 32.1-325. (Patron-Griffith, HB 572)

    Older Citizens, Provision of Certain Services to Low-to-Moderate Income Persons Allowing Them to Remain in Independent Living Facilities; Report of Department of Social Services (HJR 564, 1995). (HD 52)

    Personal assistance services; Department of Medical Assistance Services to examine existing and available waivers or options through consumer-based model of service delivery. (Patron-Woods, SR 11)

    Procurement Act, Public; priority consideration to recipients of aid to families with dependent children who possess necessary skills. Adding § 11-48.1. (Patron-Plum, HB 654; Gartlan, SB 452)

    Public assistance; day-care for aid to families with dependent children recipients engaged in employment or education. Amending § 63.1-133.46; adding § 63.1-105.8. (Patron-Miller, Y.B., SB 532)

    Public assistance; parents of minor parents whose child receives aid to families with dependent children to pay child support for their grandchild. Adding § 63.1-105.8. (Patron-Earley, SB 563)

    Public assistance; persons making progress towards completion of a job training or education program is exempt from work requirement and 2-year limit on receipt of aid to families with dependent children. Amending § 63.1-133.43. (Patron-Cunningham, HB 1067)

    Public welfare boards; members may include a member of board of supervisors. Amending § 63.1-44. (Patron-Councill, HB 320)

    Recreational Activities in Adult Care Residences and Nursing Homes; Report of Department for Aging (SJR 344, 1995). (SD 24)

    Retirement System; employees of Department for Visually Handicapped not considered state employees thereunder. Amending §§ 51.1-124.3 and 63.1-73. (Patron-Van Yahres, HB 660; Marsh, SB 536)

    Smoking; prohibited in child day-care facilities. Amending § 15.1-291.2. (Patron-McDonnell, HB 1365)

    Smoking; prohibited in nursing homes. Amending § 15.1-291.2. (Patron-Ticer, SB 381)

    Social services, local boards of; disclosure of information from client records that will assist law-enforcement agencies in locating a person. Amending § 63.1-53. (Patron-Hull, HB 1398)

    Welfare funds, public; memorializing Congress to maintain federal oversight of those passed on to states in form of block grants, support of General Assembly on third world educational interests. (Patron-Christian, HJR 209; Lucas, SJR 37)

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