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Cumulative Index - Last updated 06/16/10
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation (C) Carried over to 2011 Session

Cigarette tax; changes time for affixing tax stamps to cigarette packs. Amending  58.1-1003. (Patron-Cline, HB 874 (Chapter 701))
Cigarette tax; penalties for unstamped cigarettes. Amending 58.1-1013 and 58.1-1017. (Patron-Surovell, HB 820 (Chapter 35); Watkins, SB 476 (Chapter 471))
Cigarette tax, local; allows Isle of Wight County to levy tax. Amending  58.1-3831. (Patron-Barlow, HB 891 (F))
Cigarette tax, local; authorizes any county to impose. Amending 58.1-3830; repealing  58.1-3831. (Patron-Barlow, HB 889 (F))
Cigarette tax, local; authorizes Counties of James City and Spotsylvania to impose. Amending  58.1-3831. (Patron-Norment, SB 578 (F))
Cigarettes; imposes assessment fee on cigarette manufacturers that do not participate in Master Settlement Agreement. Adding 58.1-1023 through 58.1-1030.1. (Patron-Marsden, SB 701 (F))
Indoor Clean Air Act; smoking in public buildings prohibited, penalty. Amending  15.2-2820, 15.2-2824, 15.2-2826, 15.2-2829, and 15.2-2830; repealing  15.2-2823. (Patron-Hope, HB 1351 (F))
Littering; prohibits disposal of cigarette butts on public property. Adding  33.1-346.2. (Patron-Morgan, HB 1334 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; eliminates dealer discounts for communications sales and use tax, state cigarette tax, E-911 tax, tobacco products tax, tire recycling fee, fuels tax, etc. Amending  58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-642, 58.1-1009, 58.1-1011, 58.1-1021.03, 58.1-1720, 58.1-1730, 58.1-2233 through 58.1-2236, 58.1-2238, 58.1-2256, 58.1-2259, and 58.1-2272; repealing 58.1-622 and 58.1-656. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HB 1051 (F); Colgan, SB 542 (F))
Smoking in cars with minor present; civil penalty. Adding 15.2-2824.1. (Patron-Morrissey, HB 186 (F))
Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission; excludes confidential proprietary records and trade secrets disclosed thereto. Amending  2.2-3705.6 and 2.2-3711. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1073 (Chapter 310))
Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission; excludes records submitted as a grant application. Amending 2.2-3705.6 and 2.2-3711. (Patron-Puckett, SB 555 (Chapter 808))
Tobacco products tax; tax on moist snuff shall be computed based on net weight as listed by manufacturer. Amending  58.1-1021.01, 58.1-1021.02, and 58.1-1021.03; adding  58.1-1021.02:1. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 626 (Chapter 191); Watkins, SB 478 (Chapter 804))
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