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2005 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2004 Session
(CD) Carried over from 2004 session but died in committee on or before December 10th

See also: Transportation
Advertisements; allows City of Charlottesville to enter into agreements with Transportation Commissioner to enforce prohibition on placement. Amending  33.1-375.1. (Patron-Van Yahres, HB 1632 (F); Deeds, SB 845 (F))
Anthony S. and Edna Ridley King Commemorative Bridge; designating Bridge Number 264 on Route 260 Connector. (Patron-Barlow, HB 2385 (F))
Audit proposals; acceptance of certain proposals by Transportation Commissioner. Adding  33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1527 (F))
Automobile graveyard; definition. Amending  33.1-348. (Patron-Carrico, HB 1891 (Chapter 291))
Blue Star Memorial Highway; designating as Route 1 in Fairfax County. Amending Chapter 453, 1990 Acts. (Patron-Puller, SB 929 (Chapter 254))
Bob Hiteman Overpass; designating as the overpass connecting Capital Beltway with Interstate Route 95. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 962 (F))
Cemeteries, private family; Board of Supervisors of Buchanan County to expend county funds for maintenance of highways that provide sole access thereto. (Patron-Puckett, SB 945 (Chapter 495))
Coalfield Coalition Authority; authorized to issue bonds, various Funds created within. Amending  33.1-426 through 33.1-429; adding  33.1-430 through 33.1-434. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2403 (F))
Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund; increased revenues from Transportation Trust Fund. Amending  33.1-23.03:2 and 58.1-2425. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HB 2847 (F))
Companion animals; penalty for abandoning within highway right-of-way. Amending  33.1-346; adding  33.1-346.01. (Patron-Potts, SB 775 (F))
Constitutional amendment; Highway and Transportation Trust Funds continued (first reference). Adding Section 7-B in Article X. (Patron-Frederick, HJR 550 (I) See HJR527; Fralin, HJR 563 (I) See HJR527)
Constitutional amendment; Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund and Transportation Trust Fund continued (first reference). Adding Section 7-B in Article X. (Patron-Hugo, HJR 175 (CD); McDonnell, HJR 188 (CD); Frederick, HJR 191 (CD); Marshall, R.G., HJR 277 (CD); Black, HJR 562 (I) See HJR527; Marshall, R.G., HJR 585 (I) See HJR527; Howell, SJR 381 (I) See SJR316)
Country Music Highway; requires signs to be certain size and design. Amending Chapter 625, 2004 Acts. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2398 (F))
Deputy Cliff Dicker Memorial Highway; designating as portion of Route 100 in Wythe County. (Patron-Carrico, HB 1893 (Chapter 615))
Drawbridges; payments for maintenance in City of Chesapeake. Amending  33.1-41.1. (Patron-Blevins, SB 178 (CD))
80th U.S. Army Reserve Division Highway; designating as portions of Routes 144, 1 and 150. (Patron-Wampler, SB 1297 (Chapter 272))
Environmental permits; timely review for highway projects. Adding 33.1-19.1. (Patron-Fralin, HB 1602 (Chapter 781))
Firearms; prohibits person carrying on any part of highway. Repealing Chapter 506, 1950 Acts. (Patron-Landes, HB 1671 (Chapter 525))
Full-cost accounting; Department of Transportation to conduct unit cost analysis. Adding  33.1-223.2:9. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1032 (CD))
G.A. Treakle Memorial Bridge; designating as Interstate 64 High Rise Bridge. (Patron-Blevins, SB 919 (Chapter 253))
H. Paul Buskell Memorial Bridge; designating as Route 460 Cedar Bluff bypass bridge over Clinch River. (Patron-Stump, HB 2576 (Chapter 832); Puckett, SB 944 (Chapter 256))
Hazardous materials; prohibits transporting on Route 674 in Fairfax County. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SB 997 (F))
Heritage Music Trail: The Crooked Road; designating additional portions in Southwest Virginia. Amending Chapter 624, 2004 Acts. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 2013 (Chapter 623); Phillips, HB 2400 (Chapter 634); Dudley, HB 2856 (Chapter 659); Reynolds, SB 740 (Chapter 664))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; abolishes sunset provision on use by vehicles bearing clean special fuel vehicle license plates. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Cole, HB 99 (CD); Moran, HB 1106 (CD))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; allows use for emergency vehicles. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1531 (F))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; extends use by vehicles bearing clean special fuel license plates. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1264 (F))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; limits use by certain law-enforcement vehicles. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Albo, HB 1574 (F))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; prohibits use by certain trucks and tractor-trailer combinations. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1528 (F))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; tolls. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Purkey, HB 89 (CD))
Highway construction; advance of funds by counties, reimbursement by VDOT when funds become available. Amending  33.1-75.3. (Patron-Watkins, SB 985 (Chapter 342))
Highway construction; allocation of primary system funds. Amending  33.1-23.2. (Patron-Rust, HB 2322 (F); Watts, HB 2355 (F); Hugo, HB 2929 (F))
Highway construction; funding for access roads and bikeways to public recreational parks and historical sites. Amending 33.1-223. (Patron-Shannon, HB 1931 (Chapter 453))
Highway construction; special funds for localities. Amending 33.1-72.1, 33.1-75.3 and 46.2-492; adding  33.1-23.05 and 46.2-113.1; repealing  33.1-75.1. (Patron-Albo, HB 2630 (F))
Highway construction; VDOT required to follow certain actions if new project in Northern Virginia. Adding  33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Eisenberg, HB 1855 (F))
Highway construction and maintenance; access roads and bikeways to historic sites. Amending  10.1-107 and 33.1-223. (Patron-Deeds, SB 842 (Chapter 25))
Highway construction, maintenance and improvement; Transportation Commissioner authorized to let all contracts up to $10 million in value. Amending  33.1-12. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HB 1954 (F))
Highway construction, maintenance and improvement; Transportation Commissioner to let all administered contracts for Department of Transportation, etc. Amending  33.1-12. (Patron-Watts, HB 2084 (Chapter 919))
Highway improvement funds; revenue sharing fund program to include cities and towns. Amending  33.1-72.1 and 33.1-75.3; adding 33.1-23.05; repealing  33.1-75.1. (Patron-Athey, HB 2330 (F); Devolites Davis, SB 993 (F))
Highway maintenance and construction funding; special revenue sharing funds for certain towns. Adding  33.1-23.05. (Patron-Scott, E.T., HB 1548 (I) See HB2330)
Highway maintenance and construction projects; use of jail inmates. Adding  33.1-223.2:9. (Patron-Norment, SB 637 (CD))
Highway maintenance, construction or reconstruction; Transportation Commissioner to make payments to Town of Broadway. Amending 33.1-41.1. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HB 2592 (F))
Highway noise abatement costs; joint subcommittee to study reduction thereof. (Patron-Frederick, HJR 551 (P))
Highway repairs; use of steel plates requires warnings. Adding 33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Welch, HB 2020 (Chapter 537))
Highway rest areas and welcome centers; federal transportation enhancement grants to be used for projects that will address improvements to accommodate growth of tourism. Adding 33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Landes, HB 2605 (Chapter 559))
Highway rest stops; Department of Transportation to study privatization thereof. (Patron-Gear, HJR 654 (F))
Highway right-of-way; construction of certain structures in Town of Dumfries. Adding  33.1-223.2:9. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1166 (CD); Frederick, HB 1537 (F); Frederick, HB 1825 (F))
Highway vehicles; definition. Amending  58.1-3941 and 58.1-3942. (Patron-Landes, HB 1667 (Chapter 59))
Income tax, state and corporate; credit for toll payments made by commercial vehicle operators. Adding  58.1-439.12:02. (Patron-Fralin, HB 2302 (F))
Income tax, state and corporate; credit for toll payments made by commercial vehicle operators. Adding  58.1-439.12:1. (Patron-Fralin, HB 1378 (CD))
Interstate Route 73; establishes special fund to expedite construction in Henry County. Adding  33.1-221.01. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 738 (F))
Interstate Route 81; all vehicles will be subject to toll. Repealing third enactment of Chapter 593, 2002 Acts. (Patron-Wardrup, HB 905 (CD))
Interstate Route 81; Superintendent of State Police to establish pilot project to improve highway safety and law-enforcement. (Patron-Saxman, HB 1344 (CD))
Interstate Route 81; urging Congress to encourage primary states served thereby to adopt a corridor multi-state transportation planning initiative. (Patron-Cline, HJR 709 (P))
Interstate Route 81 Corridor Multistate Transportation Planning Initiative; created. (Patron-Potts, SB 778 (Chapter 241))
Interstate Route 81 Safety Advisory Committee; created, report. (Patron-Cline, HB 2554 (Chapter 319))
Interstate Route 95; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of constructing an eastern bypass to relieve traffic congestion around Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. (Patron-Marrs, HJR 663 (I) See HJR742)
Joe D. Meade Bridge; designating as new pedestrian bridge over Route 71 in Scott County. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1708 (Chapter 527))
King Family Memorial Bridge; designating Bridge Number 264 on Route 260 Connector. (Patron-Quayle, SB 837 (Chapter 247))
Law-enforcement officers of Marine Resources Commission; free use of certain toll facilities. Amending  33.1-252. (Patron-Lewis, HB 2068 (Chapter 298))
Law-enforcement vehicles, decommissioned; state to place in highway medians to deter motor vehicle law violations. (Patron-Cline, HB 2608 (F))
Loitering; prohibited on certain bridges. Amending  46.2-930. (Patron-Athey, HB 2333 (F))
Manville Veterans Memorial Bridge; designating as Route 665 bridge over Copper Creek in Scott County. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1705 (Chapter 526))
Michael Todd Blanton Memorial Bridge; designating as Gaskins Road bridge over Interstate Route 64 in Henrico County. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 2938 (Chapter 570))
Mopeds; operation on highways. Amending  46.2-914. (Patron-Athey, HB 2334 (F))
Motorcycles; allows free use of toll facilities. Amending 33.1-252. (Patron-Gear, HB 2133 (F))
Motorists; prohibits certain activities on highways in any locality. Amending  46.2-931. (Patron-Bell, HB 2249 (Chapter 541))
Motorists; prohibits certain activities on highways in Town of Vienna. Amending  46.2-931. (Patron-Shannon, HB 1859 (I) See HB2249; Devolites Davis, SB 710 (Chapter 488))
Noise abatement; policies of VDOT. Adding  33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1526 (F))
Nonconforming billboard signs; historic districts and sensitive areas are excluded from maintenance and repair guidelines. Amending  33.1-370.2. (Patron-May, HB 2465 (F))
Northern Virginia Transportation District Program; to include interchange in Loudoun County. Amending  33.1-221.1:3 and 58.1-815.1. (Patron-Black, HB 1972 (Chapter 621))
Outdoor advertising; regulation of political candidacy and referendum issues. Amending  33.1-351 and 33.1-375.1. (Patron-Petersen, HB 804 (CD))
Overheight vehicles; use of optical detection systems in identification thereof in westbound tunnel of Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Amending  46.2-1110. (Patron-Oder, HB 2277 (Chapter 542))
Parking; prohibited on entrance and exit ramps of controlled access highways. Adding  46.2-1239.1. (Patron-Cline, HB 2609 (F))
Pearl Harbor Memorial Flyway; designating portion of Interstate Route 95 in Fairfax County. (Patron-Houck, SB 701 (F))
Port Republic Road; designating certain portion as a component of the primary highway system. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HB 2589 (F))
Private Investment Inducement Act of 2004; created to provide revenue for transportation projects. Amending  33.1-268, 33.1-269 and 33.1-277; adding  33.1-221.1:8, 33.1-221.1:9, 33.1-221.1:10, 58.1-2511, 58.1-2512, 58.1-2513 and 58.1-2514; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 117 (CD))
Private roads; designated as highways for law-enforcement purposes. Amending  46.2-1307. (Patron-Athey, HB 2331 (F))
Progress Park Industrial Access Road; revisions of agreement with Wythe County. (Patron-Reynolds, SJR 272 (F))
Public-Private Transportation Act; prohibits imposition of tolls on existing interstate highways. Amending  56-565. (Patron-Saxman, HB 1348 (CD))
Public-Private Transportation Act; VDOT to suspend negotiations with private entities involving Interstate Route 81 improvements. (Patron-Hanger, SB 1319 (F))
Rail Advisory Board; established, allocation of moneys for various transportation funds. Amending  2.2-1509.2, 33.1-221.1:1.1, 33.1-269, 56-566, 58.1-638 and 58.1-2425; adding 33.1-221.1:8, 33.1-221.1:9, 33.1-223.2:14, 33.1-391.3:1 and 58.1-2510.1; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Saslaw, SB 1324 (F))
Rail Enhancement Fund; portion of tax on motor vehicle rentals to be deposited therein, Rail Advisory Board established. Amending  33.1-221.1:1.1 and 58.1-2425; adding  33.1-391.3:1. (Patron-May, HB 2596 (Chapter 323))
Resident engineers for VDOT; replaces references thereto in Code with representatives of Department of Transportation. Amending  33.1-70.01, 33.1-75.1, 33.1-198, 46.2-1104 and 58.1-3713. (Patron-Stump, HB 2578 (Chapter 645))
Residue parcels of land; Transportation Commissioner to offer parcels to local governing bodies before otherwise disposing of them. Amending  33.1-93. (Patron-BaCote, HB 1783 (F); Locke, SB 764 (F); Williams, SB 812 (F))
Resources Authority; expands projects that can be financed to include design and construction of roads, etc. Amending 62.1-198 and 62.1-199. (Patron-Colgan, SB 746 (Chapter 727))
Road impact fees; utilization in Henrico County. Amending 15.2-2317. (Patron-Stosch, SB 534 (CD))
Roads, private; Buchanan County may appropriate funds for maintenance thereof to access private family cemeteries. (Patron-Stump, HB 2574 (Chapter 555))
Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Highway; designating as portion of Route 234 in Prince William County. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1656 (Chapter 874))
Route 29 bypass; reimbursement of federal funds. Amending 33.1-223.2:13. (Patron-Cole, HB 1609 (F))
Route 460 between Hampton Roads and Richmond-Petersburg Metropolitan Area, Interim Report on Status of Proposed Improvements to; Report of Department of Transportation (Chapter 953, 2003 Acts). (HD 9)
Route 58; establishes special fund to expedite construction improvements in certain counties. Adding  33.1-221.01. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 802 (F))
Route 674; prohibits hazardous materials in Fairfax County. (Patron-Shannon, HB 1861 (F))
Soil stabilizers in highway shoulders; Transportation Research Council to study use thereof. (Patron-May, HJR 119 (CD))
Speed limits; maximum on Route 17 between Town of Port Royal and Saluda. Amending  46.2-870. (Patron-Chichester, SB 1210 (Chapter 266))
Speed limits; maximum on Route 460 in Rich Creek. Amending 46.2-870. (Patron-Keister, HB 2841 (F))
Speed limits; maximum on Route 58. Amending  46.2-870. (Patron-Ruff, SB 1229 (Chapter 268))
Speed limits; maximum on Routes 29 and 460. Amending  46.2-870. (Patron-Newman, SB 1223 (Chapter 267))
Speed limits; may be set on nonsurface treated highways in Montgomery County. Amending  46.2-873.1. (Patron-Nutter, HB 2156 (Chapter 804); Bell, SB 774 (Chapter 239))
Steel Bridge in Chesapeake; Coast Guard to make current operating schedule permanent. (Patron-Cosgrove, HJR 819 (P))
Subdivision streets; taking into secondary highway system. Adding 33.1-72.2. (Patron-BaCote, HB 1784 (F))
T. Ray Hassell, III Memorial Highway; designating as Route 168 Great Bridge Bypass. (Patron-Blevins, SB 919 (Chapter 253))
Toll collections, cost-effective; Joint Commission on Technology and Science (JCOTS) to study technologies available therefor. (Patron-Nixon, HJR 689 (P))
Toll facilities; allows operators of emergency vehicles and equipment free use thereof. Amending  33.1-252. (Patron-Morgan, HB 2715 (F))
Toll facilities; use of photo-monitoring systems. Amending 46.2-819.1. (Patron-Williams, SB 815 (Chapter 862))
Toll facility operators and toll technology entities; postpones sunset provision for release of personal data by DMV thereto. Amending second enactment of Chapter 660, 2004 Acts. (Patron-Black, HB 2658 (F); Williams, SB 816 (F))
Transportation Board; changes in provisions. Amending  33.1-1, 33.1-2, 33.1-23.1, 33.1-23.2, 33.1-23.4, 33.1-23.5:1, 33.1-25, 33.1-34, 33.1-35, 33.1-39, 33.1-42, 33.1-44, 33.1-46.1, 33.1-46.2, 33.1-46.4, 33.1-47, 33.1-47.1, 33.1-55, 33.1-56, 33.1-61, 33.1-67 through 33.1-69.2, 33.1-70.01, 33.1-70.1, 33.1-72.1, 33.1-75.1, 33.1-75.2, 33.1-75.3, 33.1-79, 33.1-84.1 through 33.1-88, 33.1-221.1:3, 33.1-268, 33.1-269, 33.1-277, 33.1-285.1, 33.1-416, 33.1-436 and 58.1-2259; adding 33.1-23.001, 33.1-23.03:3.1, 33.1-23.05 and 33.1-23.3:1; repealing  33.1-23.1:1, 33.1-23.1:2, 33.1-23.3, 33.1-23.5, 33.1-30, 33.1-49 through 33.1-54 and 33.1-70.2. (Patron-Rust, HB 2224 (F))
Transportation, Department of; independent audit required. Adding 33.1-223.2:9. (Patron-Oder, HB 185 (CD); Oder, HB 945 (CD))
Transportation, Department of; various Funds and Board created within. Amending  33.1-221.1:1.1, 33.1-269, 56-566, 58.1-638 and 58.1-2425; adding  33.1-221.1:8, 33.1-221.1:9, 33.1-223.2:14 and 33.1-391.3:1. (Patron-Reid, HB 2736 (I) See HB2771)
Transportation enhancement projects; certain percentage of federal grants expended for environmental studies. Adding 33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2093 (F))
Transportation expenses; reimbursement by localities for certain. Adding  33.1-223.2:14. (Patron-Rust, HB 2229 (F))
Transportation funds; to be used for administering, planning, etc. roads for State and localities. Amending  2.2-1509.2. (Patron-Williams, SB 1245 (F))
Transportation Investment Bond Act of 2005; created. Amending 33.1-268, 33.1-269 and 33.1-277; adding  58.1-2511 and 58.1-2512; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2099 (I) See HB2771)
Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund; created, report. Adding  33.1-221.1:8. (Patron-Wardrup, HB 2793 (Chapter 847))
Transportation Plan; to include adequacy of local or regional transportation system. Amending  33.1-23.03. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 306 (CD))
Transportation Trust Fund; allocation of construction funds. Amending  33.1-23.4. (Patron-Watkins, SB 797 (F))
Transportation Trust Fund; use of surplus revenues to pay debt service. Amending  33.1-289. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1650 (F))
Urban and secondary highway systems; allocates construction funds among affected jurisdictions on certain basis. Amending 33.1-23.3 and 33.1-23.4. (Patron-Rust, HB 2226 (F))
Virginia Capital Trail; designating portion of Route 5 between City of Richmond and Jamestown. (Patron-Miles, HB 2049 (Chapter 295); Lambert, SB 1033 (Chapter 752))
Willard Owens Memorial Highway; designating as Route 609 in Buchanan County. (Patron-Stump, HB 2905 (Chapter 660))
William H. Hume and Jean Emmons McCarty Hume Memorial Bridge; designating as portion of Route 688. (Patron-Athey, HB 2336 (Chapter 545))
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