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2004 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2005 Session

Adult Offenders, Interstate Compact for Supervision of; created, report. Amending  53.1-172 and 53.1-174; adding  53.1-176.1, 53.1-176.2 and 53.1-176.3. (Patron-Rerras, SB 448 (Chapter 407))
Assault and battery; penalty when committed against a probation and parole officer. Amending  18.2-57. (Patron-Albo, HB 349 (I) See HB1105)
Community-based programs for adults; Board of Correctional Education to develop. Amending  22.1-340, 22.1-342 and 22.1-343. (Patron-Moran, HB 1108 (Chapter 465))
Compulsory school attendance; not applicable to certain persons in an adult correctional facility. Amending  22.1-254 and 22.1-254.2. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 404 (Chapter 251))
Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for certain felons (second reference). Amending Section 1 of Article II. (Patron-Moran, HJR 204 (F); Miller, SJR 4 (F))
Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for certain felons (submitting to qualified voters). Amending Section 1 of Article II. (Patron-Moran, HB 1104 (F); Miller, SB 17 (F))
Correctional facilities; use of store profits for pre-release and post-release employment and housing assistance. Amending 53.1-27, 53.1-115.2 and 53.1-127.1. (Patron-Ticer, SB 613 (I) See SB615)
Correctional facilities; use of store profits for pre-release and post-release reentry and transition services. Amending 53.1-27. (Patron-Bell, SB 615 (Chapter 417))
Correctional facilities; utilization of private contracts. (Patron-Saxman, HB 1042 (Chapter 861))
Corrections, Board of; membership. Amending  53.1-2, 53.1-4 and 53.1-6. (Patron-Van Landingham, HB 112 (F); Locke, SB 441 (C))
Courthouse and courtroom security; assessment fee. Amending 53.1-120. (Patron-Nutter, HB 245 (F); Athey, HB 457 (I) See HB504)
Courthouse and courtroom security; funds from fees to be used for equipment. Amending  53.1-120. (Patron-Keister, HB 504 (Chapter 432); McDonnell, HB 1140 (I) See HB504; Edwards, SB 214 (Chapter 390))
Death penalty; moratorium on executions. (Patron-Marsh, SB 47 (F))
Farm tractors; operation by certain jail prisoners. Amending 46.2-301 and 46.2-392. (Patron-Louderback, HB 61 (F))
Felons; restoration of civil rights to be eligible to register to vote. Amending  53.1-231.2. (Patron-Puller, SB 82 (C))
Felony cases; transmission of prisoner orders. Amending  19.2-310. (Patron-Norment, SB 238 (C))
Highway maintenance and construction projects; use of jail inmates. Adding  33.1-223.2:9. (Patron-Norment, SB 637 (C))
Income tax, state; voluntary contribution to Pre-Release and Post-Incarceration Services (PAPIS) Fund. Adding  58.1-346.25. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 843 (C))
Inmate Data System; maintenance by Compensation Board, recouping costs associated with incarcerating undocumented aliens. (Patron-Cox, HB 235 (Chapter 82))
Inmate workers; court orders allowing work. Amending  53.1-129. (Patron-McDougle, HB 1384 (C))
Inmates; allows sheriff or jail superintendent to charge for keep. Amending  53.1-131.3. (Patron-Albo, HB 150 (C))
Jail board, regional; only a sheriff may be chairman. Amending 53.1-107. (Patron-Bell, HB 673 (C))
Jail deputies; number. Adding  15.2-1609.1:01. (Patron-Stolle, SB 170 (C))
Jail inmates; joint subcommittee to study conduct allowance therefor. (Patron-Keister, HJR 121 (F))
Law Officers’ Retirement System; includes juvenile probation and parole officers. Amending  51.1-212. (Patron-Colgan, SB 164 (C))
Law Officers’ Retirement System; includes special agents of Department of Corrections. Amending  51.1-212. (Patron-Landes, HB 1229 (F))
Malicious bodily injury; applicable to a parole and probation officer. Amending  18.2-51.1. (Patron-Moran, HB 1105 (F))
Mandatory minimum punishment; definition. Amending  4.1-305, 18.2-36.1, 18.2-51.1, 18.2-53.1, 18.2-57, 18.2-121, 18.2-154, 18.2-248, 18.2-248.01, 18.2-248.1, 18.2-248.5, 18.2-255, 18.2-255.2, 18.2-270, 18.2-308.1, 18.2-308.2, 18.2-308.2:2, 18.2-308.4, 19.2-120, 30-19.1:4, 46.2-301, 46.2-341.28, 46.2-357, 46.2-391, 53.1-116 and 53.1-203; adding  18.2-12.1. (Patron-McDonnell, HB 1059 (Chapter 461))
Mental health or substance abuse treatment initiative; Departments of Corrections and of Juvenile Justice to include an evaluation and reporting component that is established for offenders in their custody. (Patron-Martin, SJR 88 (P))
Motor vehicles; registration of those owned by regional jail authorities. Amending  46.2-750. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 83 (Chapter 721); Johnson, HB 172 (I) See HB83; Stump, HB 742 (I) See HB83; Phillips, HB 917 (I) See HB83)
Offenders with mental illness or substance abuse disorders; Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services to provide nonfinancial assistance in developing projects designed to divert individuals from jail or secure detention. (Patron-Mims, SJR 81 (P))
Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency; List of. (SD 2)
Parenting programs; created within Department of Correctional Education. Adding  22.1-345.1. (Patron-Watts, HB 792 (Chapter 912); Devolites, SB 98 (Chapter 875))
Parole; mandatory release. Amending  53.1-159. (Patron-Ticer, SB 474 (I) See SB658; Quayle, SB 658 (F))
Prisoner Litigation Reform Act; changes in provisions. Amending 8.01-690. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HB 296 (C); Marsh, SB 49 (C))
Prisoner visitation; requiring Department of Corrections to provide for family friendly visitors’ areas. (Patron-Eisenberg, HB 815 (C))
Prisoners; earning of good conduct credit. Amending  53.1-116. (Patron-Bell, HB 670 (F); Norment, SB 389 (Chapter 400))
Prisoners; good conduct allowance for Reading for Good Time credits program. Adding  53.1-151.1. (Patron-Watts, HB 790 (C); Marsh, SB 89 (C))
Prisoners; good conduct allowance, mandatory functional literacy requirement. Adding  53.1-151.1. (Patron-Miles, HB 362 (F); Marsh, SB 75 (C))
Prisoners; participation in residential community programs prior to release. Amending  53.1-155.1. (Patron-Shuler, HB 223 (C); Miller, SB 43 (F); Puller, SB 83 (C))
Prisoners; required records to be provided upon release. Amending 53.1-28. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HB 259 (F))
Prisoners who are out-of-state; Secretary of Public Safety to refrain from utilizing bed space within Department of Corrections to house. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 116 (F))
Roadway litter pick-up; civil immunity of officials and volunteers who participate in programs for probationers. Adding 8.01-226.8. (Patron-Stump, HB 534 (Chapter 434))
Roadway litter pick-up; civil immunity of officials who participate in programs for probationers and persons on community service. Adding  8.01-226.8. (Patron-Puckett, SB 72 (Chapter 387))
Staunton Correctional Center; Governor to sell and convey. (Patron-Hanger, SB 516 (Chapter 705))
Telephone systems within correctional facilities; requiring state, local and regional facilities to offer debit systems. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 1400 (F))
Unemployment compensation; definition of employment services as it relates to prison inmates. Amending  60.2-219, 60.2-528 and 60.2-618. (Patron-Hogan, HB 529 (Chapter 977))
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