Bar examination; applicants from Potomac School in District of Columbia authorized to take. (Patron-McClure, HB 2718)

Interstate Transportation, Virginia-Maryland-District of Columbia Joint Legislative Commission on; continued. (Patron-Callahan, HJR 526)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; codification, abolishing previous provisions. Adding §§ 5.1-152 through 5.1-178; repealing Chapter 598, 1985 Acts, Chapter 665, 1987 Acts, Chapters 180 and 610, 1991 Acts, Chapter 402, 1992 Acts, Chapters 647 and 661, 1997 Acts, and Chapter 824, 1998 Acts. (Patron-Mims, SB 796)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; joint subcommittee to study control of police force. (Patron-Marshall, HJR 616)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; membership. Amending Chapter 598, 1985 Acts. (Patron-Marshall, HB 1543)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; procurement. Amending Chapter 598, 1985 Acts. (Patron-Marshall, HB 25)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; subject to provisions of Freedom of Information Act. Amending Chapter 598, 1985 Acts. (Patron-Marshall, HB 24)

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; Superintendent of State Police to study control of police force. (Patron-Marshall, HJR 617)

Olympic Summer Games, 2012; expressing General Assembly's support for bid of Washington-Baltimore 2012 Coalition. (Patron-Callahan, HJR 577; Almand, HJR 647; Plum, HJR 774)

Workers' compensation; presumption of death or disability for police officers of Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Amending § 65.2-402. (Patron-Black, HB 1693)

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