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Code of Virginia

Title 13.1 - CORPORATIONS.

Chapter 10 - Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act (create report)
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13.1-801Short title
13.1-802Reservation of power to amend or repeal
13.1-804Filing requirements
13.1-804.1Filing with the Commission pursuant to reorganization.
13.1-805Issuance of certificate by Commission; recordation of documents
13.1-806Effective time and date of document
13.1-807Correcting filed articles
13.1-808Evidentiary effect of copy of filed document
13.1-809Certificate of good standing
13.1-810Notices and other communications
13.1-810.1Number of members.
13.1-811Penalty for signing false documents
13.1-812Unlawful to transact or offer to transact business as a corporation unless authorized
13.1-813Hearing and finality of Commission action; injunctions
13.1-814Shares of stock and dividends prohibited
13.1-814.1Special provisions for community associations
13.1-815Fees to be collected by Commission; payment of fees prerequisite to Commission action; exception...
13.1-815.1Charter and entrance fees for corporations
13.1-816Fees for filing documents or issuing certificates
13.1-817Description unavailable
13.1-819Articles of incorporation
13.1-820Issuance of certificate of incorporation
13.1-821Liability for preincorporation transactions
13.1-822Organization of corporation
13.1-824Emergency bylaws
13.1-826General powers
13.1-827Emergency powers
13.1-828Ultra vires
13.1-829Corporate name
13.1-830Reserved name
13.1-831Registered name
13.1-832Description unavailable
13.1-833Registered office and registered agent
13.1-834Change of registered office or registered agent
13.1-835Resignation of registered agent
13.1-836Service on corporation
13.1-838Annual meeting
13.1-839Special meeting
13.1-840Court-ordered meeting
13.1-841Corporate action without meeting
13.1-842Notice of meeting
13.1-843Waiver of notice
13.1-844Record date
13.1-844.1Conduct of the meeting.
13.1-844.2Remote participation in annual and special meetings.
13.1-845Members' list for meeting
13.1-846Voting entitlement of members
13.1-847.1Voting procedures and inspectors of elections
13.1-848Corporation's acceptance of votes
13.1-849Quorum and voting requirements for voting groups
13.1-850Action by single and multiple voting groups
13.1-851Change in quorum or voting requirements
13.1-852Voting for directors; cumulative voting
13.1-852.1Member or director agreements
13.1-852.2Voting agreements.
13.1-853Requirement for and duties of board of directors
13.1-854Qualification of directors
13.1-855Number and election of directors
13.1-856Election of directors by certain classes of members
13.1-857Terms of directors generally
13.1-858Staggered terms of directors
13.1-859Resignation of directors
13.1-860Removal of directors
13.1-861Judicial review of elections
13.1-862Vacancy on board of directors
13.1-863Compensation of directors
13.1-864Meetings of the board of directors
13.1-865Action without meeting of board of directors
13.1-866Notice of board of directors' meetings
13.1-867Waiver of notice by director
13.1-868Quorum and voting by directors
13.1-870General standards of conduct for directors
13.1-870.1Limitation on liability of officers and directors; exception
13.1-870.2Limitation on liability of officers and directors; additional exception
13.1-871Director conflict of interests
13.1-871.1Business opportunities.
13.1-872Required officers
13.1-873Duties of officers
13.1-874Resignation and removal of officers
13.1-876Authority to indemnify
13.1-877Mandatory indemnification
13.1-878Advance for expenses
13.1-879Description unavailable
13.1-879.1Court orders for advances, reimbursement or indemnification
13.1-880Determination and authorization of indemnification
13.1-881Indemnification of officers
13.1-883Application of article
13.1-884Authority to amend articles of incorporation
13.1-885Amendment of articles of incorporation by directors
13.1-886Amendment of articles of incorporation by directors and members
13.1-887Voting on amendments by voting groups
13.1-887.1Amendment prior to organization
13.1-888Articles of amendment
13.1-889Restated articles of incorporation
13.1-890Description unavailable
13.1-891Effect of amendment of articles of incorporation
13.1-892Amendment of bylaws by board of directors or members
13.1-893Bylaw provisions increasing quorum or voting requirements for directors
13.1-895Action on plan of merger
13.1-896Articles of merger
13.1-897Effect of merger
13.1-897.1Abandonment of a merger.
13.1-898, 13.1-898.1
13.1-898.3Action on plan of domestication by a domestic corporation
13.1-898.4Articles of domestication
13.1-898.5Surrender of articles of incorporation upon domestication
13.1-898.6Effect of domestication
13.1-898.7Abandonment of domestication
13.1-899Sale of assets in regular course of business
13.1-900Sale of assets other than in regular course of business
13.1-901Sale of certain real property by incorporated educational institutions
13.1-902Dissolution by directors and members
13.1-903Dissolution by directors
13.1-904Articles of dissolution
13.1-905Revocation of dissolution
13.1-906Effect of dissolution
13.1-907Distribution and plan of distribution of assets
13.1-908Known claims against dissolved corporation
13.1-908.1Other claims against dissolved corporation.
13.1-908.2Court proceedings.
13.1-908.3Director duties.
13.1-909Grounds for judicial dissolution
13.1-910Receivership or custodianship
13.1-911Decree of dissolution
13.1-912Articles of termination of corporate existence
13.1-913Termination of corporate existence by incorporators or initial directors
13.1-914Automatic termination of corporate existence
13.1-915Involuntary termination of corporate existence
13.1-916Reinstatement of a corporation that has ceased to exist
13.1-917Survival of remedy after termination of corporate existence
13.1-918Description unavailable
13.1-919Authority to transact business required
13.1-920Consequences of transacting business without authority
13.1-921Application for certificate of authority
13.1-922Amended certificate of authority
13.1-923Effect of certificate of authority
13.1-924Corporate name of foreign corporation
13.1-925Registered office and registered agent of foreign corporation
13.1-926Change of registered office or registered agent of a foreign corporation
13.1-927Resignation of registered agent of foreign corporation
13.1-928Service of process on foreign corporation
13.1-928.1Merger of foreign corporation authorized to transact business in Commonwealth
13.1-928.2Entity conversion of foreign corporation authorized to transact business in Commonwealth
13.1-929Withdrawal of foreign corporation
13.1-930Automatic revocation of certificate of authority
13.1-931Revocation of certificate of authority by Commission
13.1-931.1Reentry of foreign corporation whose certificate of authority has been surrendered or revoke...
13.1-932Corporate records
13.1-933Inspection of records by members
13.1-934Scope of inspection right
13.1-935Court-ordered inspection
13.1-935.1Inspection of records by directors.
13.1-936Annual report of domestic and foreign corporations
13.1-936.1Annual registration fees to be paid by domestic and foreign corporations; penalty for failure to pa...
13.1-936.2Collection of unpaid bills for registration fees
13.1-937Application to existing corporations
13.1-938Application to certain social, patriotic and benevolent societies incorporated before year 1900; re...
13.1-939Saving provision
13.1-940Description unavailable
13.1-941Description unavailable
13.1-941.01Conversion to a domestic stock corporation
13.1-942Articles of amendment
13.1-944Controlling law and continuity
13.1-944.2Entity conversion.
13.1-944.3Plan of entity conversion.
13.1-944.4Action on plan of entity conversion.
13.1-944.5Articles of entity conversion.
13.1-944.6Effect of entity conversion.
13.1-944.7Abandonment of entity conversion.
13.1-945Property title records.
13.1-946through 13.1-980