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Code of Virginia


Chapter 26 - Property Owners' Association Act (create report)
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55-509.1Developer to pay real estate taxes attributable to the common area upon transfer to associatio...
55-509.1:1Limitation on certain contracts and leases by declarant.
55-509.2Documents to be provided by declarant upon transfer of control
55-509.3Association charges
55-509.4Contract disclosure statement; right of cancellation
55-509.5Contents of association disclosure packet; delivery of packet
55-509.6Fees for disclosure packet; professionally managed associations
55-509.7Fees for disclosure packets; associations not professionally managed
55-509.8Properties subject to more than one declaration.
55-509.9Requests by settlement agents.
55-509.10Exceptions to disclosure requirements
55-510Access to association records; association meetings; notice
55-510.1Meetings of the board of directors
55-510.2Distribution of information by members
55-510.3Common areas; notice of pesticide application.
55-511, 55-512
55-513Adoption and enforcement of rules
55-513.1Display of the flag of the United States; necessary supporting structures; affirmative defens...
55-513.2Home-based businesses permitted; compliance with local ordinances.
55-513.3Assessments; late fees
55-514Authority to levy special assessments
55-514.1Reserves for capital components
55-514.2Deposit of funds; fidelity bond
55-515Compliance with declaration
55-515.1Amendment to declaration and bylaws; consent of mortgagee
55-515.2Validity of declaration; corrective amendments
55-515.2:1Reformation of declaration; judicial procedure
55-515.3Use of technology
55-516Lien for assessments
55-516.1Annual report by association
55-516.2Condemnation of common area; procedure