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Chapter 4.2 - Condominium Act (create report)
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55-79.39How chapter cited
55-79.40Application and construction of chapter
55-79.41:1Variation by agreement
55-79.42Separate assessments, titles and taxation
55-79.43County and municipal ordinances; nonconforming conversion condominiums; applicability of Uniform St...
55-79.44Eminent domain
55-79.45How condominium may be created
55-79.46Release of liens
55-79.47Description of condominium units
55-79.48Execution of condominium instruments
55-79.49Recordation of condominium instruments
55-79.50Construction of condominium instruments
55-79.51Complementarity of condominium instruments; controlling construction
55-79.52Validity of condominium instruments; discrimination prohibited
55-79.53Compliance with condominium instruments
55-79.54Contents of declaration
55-79.55Allocation of interests in the common elements
55-79.56Reallocation of interests in common elements
55-79.57Assignments of limited common elements; conversion to common element
55-79.58Contents of plats and plans
55-79.58:1Bond to insure completion of improvements
55-79.59Preliminary recordation of plats and plans
55-79.60Easement for encroachments
55-79.61Conversion of convertible lands
55-79.62Conversion of convertible spaces
55-79.63Expansion of condominium
55-79.64Contraction of condominium
55-79.65Easement to facilitate conversion and expansion
55-79.66Easement to facilitate sales
55-79.67Declarant's obligation to complete and restore
55-79.68Alterations within units
55-79.69Relocation of boundaries between units
55-79.70Subdivision of units
55-79.71Amendment of condominium instruments
55-79.71:1Use of technology
55-79.71:2Merger or consolidation of condominiums; procedure
55-79.72Description unavailable
55-79.72:1Termination of condominium
55-79.72:2Rights of mortgagees
55-79.73Bylaws to be recorded with declaration; contents; unit owners' association; executive organ; amendm...
55-79.73:1Amendment to condominium instruments; consent of mortgagee
55-79.73:2Reformation of declaration; judicial procedure
55-79.74Control of condominium by declarant
55-79.74:01Deposit of funds
55-79.74:1Books, minutes and records; inspection
55-79.74:2Management office
55-79.74:3Transfer of special declarant rights
55-79.74:4Declarants not succeeding to special declarant rights
55-79.75Meetings of unit owners' associations and executive organ
55-79.75:1Distribution of information by members
55-79.75:2Display of the flag of the United States; necessary supporting structures; affirmative defens...
55-79.76Same; quorums
55-79.77Same; voting
55-79.79Upkeep of condominiums; warranty against structural defects; statute of limitations for warranty; w...
55-79.80Control of common elements
55-79.80:01Common elements; notice of pesticide application
55-79.80:1Tort and contract liability; judgment lien
55-79.80:2Suspension of services for failure to pay assessments; corrective action; assessment of charges fo...
55-79.80:3Power of unit owners' association to limit occupancy of a unit
55-79.82Description unavailable
55-79.83Liability for common expenses; late fees
55-79.83:1Reserves for capital components
55-79.84Lien for assessments
55-79.84:1Bond to be posted by declarant
55-79.85Restraints on alienation
55-79.86Administrative agency
55-79.87Exemptions from certain provisions of article
55-79.88Limitations on dispositions of units
55-79.89Application for registration; fee
55-79.90Public offering statement; condominium securities
55-79.91Inquiry and examination
55-79.92Notice of filing and registration
55-79.93Annual report by declarant
55-79.93:1Annual report by unit owners' association
55-79.93:2Termination of registration.
55-79.94Conversion condominiums; special provisions
55-79.95Escrow of deposits
55-79.96Declarant to deliver declaration, etc., to purchaser
55-79.97Resale by purchaser
55-79.97:1Fees for resale certificate
55-79.97:2Properties subject to more than one declaration.
55-79.97:3Requests by settlement agents.
55-79.98General powers and duties of the Common Interest Community Board
55-79.99Investigations and proceedings
55-79.100Cease and desist orders
55-79.101Revocation of registration
55-79.102Judicial review