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Code of Virginia

Title 42.1 - LIBRARIES.

Chapter 7 - Virginia Public Records Act (create report)
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42.1-76Legislative intent; title of chapter
42.1-76.1Notice of Chapter.
42.1-78Confidentiality safeguarded
42.1-79Records management function vested in The Library of Virginia
42.1-79.1Description unavailable
42.1-80, 42.1-81
42.1-82Duties and powers of Library Board
42.1-83Description unavailable
42.1-84Description unavailable
42.1-85Records Management Program; agencies to cooperate; agencies to designate records officer
42.1-86Essential public records; security recovery copies; disaster plans
42.1-86.1Disposition of public records
42.1-87Archival public records
42.1-88Custodians to deliver all records at expiration of term; penalty for noncompliance
42.1-89Petition and court order for return of public records not in authorized possession
42.1-90Seizure of public records not in authorized possession
42.1-91Description unavailable