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Code of Virginia


Chapter 37 - Virginia Freedom of Information Act (create report)
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2.2-3700Short title; policy
2.2-3702Notice of chapter
2.2-3703Public bodies and records to which chapter inapplicable; voter registration and election records; a...
2.2-3703.1Disclosure pursuant to court order or subpoena
2.2-3704Public records to be open to inspection; procedure for requesting records and responding to request...
2.2-3704.1Posting of notice of rights and responsibilities by state public bodies; assistance by the Freedom ...
2.2-3705Description unavailable
2.2-3705.1Exclusions to application of chapter; exclusions of general application to public bodies
2.2-3705.2Exclusions to application of chapter; records relating to public safety
2.2-3705.3Exclusions to application of chapter; records relating to administrative investigations
2.2-3705.4Exclusions to application of chapter; educational records and certain records of educational instit...
2.2-3705.5Exclusions to application of chapter; health and social services records
2.2-3705.6Exclusions to application of chapter; proprietary records and trade secrets
2.2-3705.7Exclusions to application of chapter; records of specific public bodies and certain other limited e...
2.2-3705.8Limitation on record exclusions
2.2-3706Disclosure of criminal records; limitations
2.2-3707Meetings to be public; notice of meetings; recordings; minutes
2.2-3707.01Meetings of the General Assembly
2.2-3707.1Posting of minutes for state boards and commissions
2.2-3708Electronic communication meetings; applicability; physical quorum required; exceptions; notice; rep...
2.2-3708.1Participation in meetings in event of emergency or personal matter; certain disabilities; distance ...
2.2-3709Description unavailable
2.2-3710Transaction of public business other than by votes at meetings prohibited
2.2-3711Closed meetings authorized for certain limited purposes
2.2-3712Closed meetings procedures; certification of proceedings
2.2-3713Proceedings for enforcement of chapter
2.2-3714Violations and penalties